Is Sasuke a bad character?

Is Sasuke a bad character?

Not only is Sasuke reckless in his ambitions, but he is also impatient overall. Even though Sasuke was at the top of his class at the ninja academy, he felt inadequate for his mission of revenge, and he was getting way ahead of himself. Sasuke’s impatience also aggravated his rivalry with Naruto in unhealthy ways.

Is Sasuke always a villain?

While Sasuke was always bound for a redemption arc, he made a much more compelling villain than hero throughout the Naruto series. He remains one of the few characters in the story who played the role of both hero and villain, but his particular storyline makes Sasuke a better villain than hero in more ways than one.

Who killed Sasuke Uchiha?

When Itachi murdered the rest of the Uchiha clan, Sasuke was crushed not only by the loss of his family but also by what Itachi told him: that he had never loved Sasuke.

Does Sasuke betray?

5 He missed the whole point of Itachi’s sacrifice Itachi murdered his own clan, sparing only his little brother, in what looked like a betrayal against the village. For that reason, Sasuke spent the majority of his young life plotting his revenge on his brother and even made it his mission to kill him personally.

Why is Sakura useless?

Sakura was underrated, and the things she contributed to the show were unappreciated. She was the most human of most of the characters: she felt weak, she felt useless, and she was bullied. She carried all of that with her until she decided it was time to let go of the past and focus on the future. Sakura.

Is Kakashi a villain?

While Kakashi is considered a hero within the Hidden Leaf, there’s little keeping him from being a villain in the greater ninja world. To those fighters, Kakashi is the villain of their story, but he’s not quite on the level of guys like Madara Uchiha.

Why did Sakura hate Naruto?

1 HATED HER: Mistreated Naruto When Naruto was just a little boy, Sakura actually mocked Naruto for being an orphan, something over which Naruto had no control whatsoever.

Who is Naruto’s brother?

Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha (Japanese: うちは イタチ, Hepburn: Uchiha Itachi) is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Who killed Kakashi?

Conclusion. What episode does Kakashi die?, Kakashi Hatake dies in the 159th episode of season 8 in Naruto Shippuden Manga animated series. Although, he gets back to life by pain who kills him after making a deal with Naruto. Kakashi was the tracher of naruto, hashirama, and sasuke.

Why did Sasuke betray Naruto?

As Naruto explains, Sasuke left because he wanted to gain power. The Uchiha Clan was annihilated, and he’s been wanting to get revenge as the sole survivor. But Boruto’s confused at this, so Naruto explains that Sasuke did it in order to sever all his bonds.

What is Kakashi’s weakness?

Chakra. Originally, Kakashi’s primary weakness was his average reserves of chakra and stamina.

Why is Sakura so hated?

Because of the lack of abilities, Sakura was a burden on missions. She had to cry out for help. She would complain that she felt like a burden, but you would rarely catch her training by herself like Naruto and Sasuke. Sasuke and Naruto both had clear goals for themselves, while Sakura lacked any.