Is there going to be a VidCon 2021?

Is there going to be a VidCon 2021?

VidCon is still expected to take place next summer from June 22 to June 25 in Anaheim. All ticket holders for the 2021 event will automatically have their tickets transferred to the 2022 event, but attendees can request full refunds through June 3, 2022.

Who is VidCon 2021 Dream SMP?

It also announced its first slate of featured creators confirmed to attend: The 2021 VidCon lineup is set to include Spencer X, Antonio Garza, Brent Rivera, Molly Burke, DangMattSmith, InquisitorMaster, Aaron’s Animals, Isra Hirsi, Taylor Cassidy, Alan Chikin Chow, The Montoya Twinz, MeganPlays, Alex Wassabi, Sofie …

Will there be a VidCon 2021 UK?

VidCon, which is owned by ViacomCBS, also sold on-demand tickets and bundles for virtual access to the 2021 event. With the cancelation of this year’s in-person event, access to streaming content will now begin in July 2022.

Where is VidCon 2021 located?

Anaheim Convention Center
VidCon US/Location

Is there going to be a VidCon 2022?

VidCon US 2022 will also take place at the Anaheim Convention Center. It will run from June 22–25, 2022. All 2021 tickets will be automatically transferred to the 2022 event.

Will VidCon be in person?

With the cancelation of this year’s in-person event, access to streaming content will now begin in July 2022. Historically, VidCon US has taken place during the summer. Organizers had moved the 2021 event to the fall as an additional safety precaution.

How much do VidCon tickets cost 2021?

Single-day tickets cost $45. Creator Track: For influencers. The $130 three-day pass includes entry into both the creator chat and meet & greet lotteries.

What creators are going to VidCon 2021?

Who’s Going to VidCon 2021?

  • Ray Cao – Managing Director, Global Product Strategy & Operations at TikTok.
  • Aya Kanai – Head of Content & Creator Partnerships at Pinterest.
  • Ben Relles – Head of Innovation at YouTube Originals.
  • Evan Horowitz – CEO at Movers + Shakers.
  • Shan Lui – Senior Vice President at Kyra Media.

Who will be at VidCon 2021 London?

How do you become a VidCon creator?

How To Earn Your VidCon Creator Certificate

  1. You can choose from three different categories.
  2. Attend at least four sessions in your chosen category.
  3. Make sure you get your RFID bracelet scanned before each session.
  4. Add your certification to your LinkedIn Profile.

Where will VidCon 2022 be held?

What part of California is VidCon in?

22-24 at the Anaheim Convention Center, with tickets also available for fans to attend some programs virtually as well. Now VidCon 2022 is scheduled for June 22-25, again at the Anaheim Convention Center.