Should be reminded meaning?

Should be reminded meaning?

To cause to remember; put in mind: must remind him to call; reminded her of college days. re·mind′er n.

How do you use reminded in a sentence?

Reminded sentence example

  1. The way he did it reminded her of Alex.
  2. It reminded her of those days, years ago, when the family laughed and talked to each other.
  3. “You’re not allowed to touch me,” she reminded him.

Is Please be reminded correct grammar?

The correct phrasing is “please be reminded (that).”A more common alternative is “please remember (that),” though. “May I/we remind you that” is also an acceptable option in formal prose.

Which is correct remind us or reminds us?

remind: to make someone think about something again If you think about “remind” as a phrasal verb with “remind of”, it should help. Someone or something “reminds you of” someone or something else. A person or thing also “reminds you to” do something.

Who is a free minded person?

: having a mind free from care.

What does Remine mean?

(transitive) To mine again.

How do you remind someone about something?

How do you send a gentle reminder politely?

  1. Be short and sweet. Short emails are easy to read, and they usually get a response.
  2. Give the right amount of context.
  3. Don’t assume they forgot about you.
  4. Remind them of a due date (if one exists).
  5. Use captivating images.
  6. Give your readers something unexpected.

What is a reminding word?

note, stress, prod, prompt, remember, mention, suggest, warn, admonish, caution, emphasize, recall, advise, point out, retrospect, intimate, hint, revive, recollect, reminisce.

Is it correct to say please be informed?

1 Answer. Yes, “Please be informed that…” is correct, as is “For your information”. Both formulations are common and current.

How do you say please be reminded?

»remember v. »remind you exp. »keep in mind exp. »bear in mind exp.

Which reminds me in a sentence?

“My back’s been aching all day, which reminds me, I must make a doctor’s appointment for next week.” “My back’s been aching all day. Which reminds me, I must make a doctor’s appointment for next week.”

Can you remember or remind me?

When you say that something or someone reminds you of something, it means that it makes you think of something similar or a memory. When someone reminds you to do something, they make you remember that you need to complete a task. Compare: You remind me of your mother.