What animal begins with the letter Y?

What animal begins with the letter Y?

Yak. There are two species of yak. The domestic yak (Bos grunniens) is descended from the wild yak (Bos mutus). Yaks are large mammals in the family Bovidae, which also contains buffalo, antelopes and other hooved animals.

What animal starts with the letter U?

Animals that begin with the letter u include the uakari Uganda kob Uinta ground squirrel Ulysses butterfly umbrella bird upupa urial uromastix urraca and urubu. Unau sloth Unicorn mythical Urchin.

What thing starts with Z?

words that begin with the Letter Z

  • zebra.
  • zero.
  • zig-zag.
  • zipper.
  • zoo.
  • zoom.

What things start with letter Y?

words that begin with the Letter y

  • yak.
  • yam.
  • yawn.
  • yellow.
  • yes.
  • yolk.
  • you.
  • young.

What city starts with the letter U?

United States Cities Starting with U

City 2021 Population State
Union City 67,698 New Jersey
Utica 59,170 New York
University 48,436 Florida
Urbandale 45,279 Iowa

What’s a fruit that starts with Z?

1. Zucchini. When I first learned that zucchinis are fruits, I was shocked, but they are. So are squash, cucumbers, eggplants, and several other foods that people traditionally think of as veggies.

What are some insects that begin with the letter X?

For some of the very hardest letters, like ‘X’ and ‘Z,’ you may want to give the students some extra help. In fact, “xerxes butterfly” is the only insect common name that we know of that begins with ‘X,’ so that may be a good one for you to work for your students as an example!

Which mammals start with the letter X?

Here are some of the animals that have the prefix letter X very unique, including: 1. Xerus Xerus is one of the animals belonging to the ground squirrel species. Xerus itself is a species originating from South Africa that usually inhabits grasslands and open forests. Xerus is a group of animals because in one region there are around 20 squirrels.

What are some birds that begin with the letter X?

Birds: Animals That Start With X Xantus’ Becard ( Pachyramphus aglaiae) Xantus’s Hummingbird ( Basilinna xantusii) Xantus’s Murrelet ( Synthliboramphus hypoleucus) Xavier’s Greenbul ( Phyllastrephus xavieri) Xeme ( Xema sabini) Xinjiang Ground-Jay ( Podoces biddulphi) Xenicidae (prior family name of New Zealand wrens, now Acanthisittidae) Xenicus gilviventris (New Zealand rock wren)

What are some animals that begin with the letter xe?

X-Ray Tetra

  • Xantus’s Hummingbird
  • Xantic Sargo
  • Xenarthra
  • Xenacanthus
  • Xenops
  • Xerus
  • Xeme or Sabine’s gull
  • Xenopus
  • Xingu River ray