What are sensory systems?

A sensory system consists of sensory receptors, neural pathways, and parts of the brain involved in sensory perception. Commonly recognized sensory systems are those for vision, hearing, somatic sensation (touch), taste and olfaction (smell).

What system uses the 5 senses?

The nervous system must receive and process information about the world outside in order to react, communicate, and keep the body healthy and safe. Much of this information comes through the sensory organs: the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin.

What are the 10 sensory systems?

These are:

  • The auditory system (sense of hearing)
  • The olfactory system (sense of smell)
  • The oral sensory system (sense of taste)
  • The vestibular system (how we sense where our bodies are in space)
  • The proprioceptive system (our sense of the way our bodies move)
  • The tactile system (sense of touch)

What are the 8 sensory systems?

You Have Eight Sensory Systems

  • Visual.
  • Auditory.
  • Olfactory (smell) System.
  • Gustatory (taste) System.
  • Tactile System.
  • Tactile System (see above)
  • Vestibular (sense of head movement in space) System.
  • Proprioceptive (sensations from muscles and joints of body) System.

What kind of senses does the human body have?

The human body has two basic types of senses, called special senses and general senses. Special senses have specialized sense organs that gather sensory information and change it into nerve impulses.

How are the five senses relayed to the brain?

We have five traditional senses known as taste, smell, touch, hearing and sight. The stimuli from each sensing organ in the body is relayed to different parts of the brain through various pathways. Sensory information is transmitted from the peripheral nervous system to the central nervous system.

How does the sensory system of the body work?

At its simplest, the system works when activity in a sensory receptor is triggered by a specific stimulus (such as heat); this signal eventually passes to an area in the brain uniquely attributed to that area on the body and this allows the processed stimulus to be felt at the correct location.

Which is the most active sensory system in the body?

1. Tactile/Touch – This is often the most commonly recognized sensory system of the body and the one most people notice if they have an overactive or under-active tactile system. Anything you touch or feel is part of the tactile sensory system.