What are some good talking topics?

What are some good talking topics?

Conversation Starters For Any Situation

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Have you done anything exciting lately?
  • What made you smile today?
  • How did you meet the host?
  • What’s your favorite form of social media?
  • What was the last good book you read?
  • Do you listen to any podcasts?

How do you keep a phone conversation going?

Ask lots of open-ended questions.

  1. Ask about her day. This is an obvious place to start.
  2. Ask about mutual interests and acquaintances. More than likely, you and your girlfriend share various interests.
  3. Ask for support or advice.
  4. Ask what she wanted to be when she grew up when she was 7.

How do you entertain someone over the phone?

19 Fun activities and ideas for talking over the phone!

  1. Conversation Cubes. When conversation becomes slow, whip out your trustee conversation cubes!
  2. Watch a Movie together. Watch a movie together while on the phone.
  3. Trivia Night.
  4. Sing a duet.
  5. Crossword puzzle swap/race.
  6. Watch the skies.
  7. mpersonations.
  8. Bedtime Stories.

What are good topics to talk about with your best friend?

71 Good Questions To Ask Your Best Friends

  1. What embarrasses you the most and/or what’s been your most embarrassing moment?
  2. Who do you look up to the most, and what qualities do you love about that person?
  3. What would be your perfect day?
  4. What’s your biggest fear?
  5. How do you like to be comforted when you’re sad or upset?

What to say to continue a conversation?

How To Keep A Conversation Going (With Examples)

  1. Ask open-ended questions.
  2. Ask follow-up questions.
  3. Balance between sharing and asking questions.
  4. Imagine the other person a timeline.
  5. Avoid asking too many questions in a row.
  6. Be genuinely interested.
  7. Find mutual interests to talk about.

How do you continue a conversation?

How to Keep a Conversation Going

  1. Find what to say in your favorite topics. We all have things we are passionate about: activities, hobbies, projects, goals, ideas or jobs.
  2. Ask open ended questions.
  3. Blurt.
  4. Let the other person end the silence.
  5. Practice, practice, practice.

What to tell a girl when you call her?

If you’ve just met, say hello, give your name, and remind her where she met you. For example, if you know the girl well, you might say, “Hey Kristy, it’s John. How are you?” If you’ve just met her, you might say, “Hey Kristy, it’s John.

What do you talk about with BAE?

Personal Conversation Topics and Questions

  • When do you feel most confident?
  • What is your favorite thing about yourself?
  • Tell me about a time you did something that was outside of your comfort zone.
  • What do you want people to remember you for when you’re gone?
  • What’s your biggest fear?
  • What do you want out of life?

What is a good deep question?

Deep Hypothetical Questions If you had the power to correct one problem in the world, what would you fix? Where would you go if you could teleport anywhere in the world? If you could be an animal for a week, what would you be? If you could be an object for a day, what would you be?

How do you start deep talk?

How To Have Deep Conversations (With Examples)

  1. Start with small talk and gradually go deeper.
  2. Choose relaxed, intimate environments.
  3. Bring up a deep subject that interests you.
  4. Find like-minded people.
  5. Ask a personal question about the subject.
  6. Share something about yourself.
  7. Ask follow-up questions.

What are some fun things to talk about?

There are several things you can talk about: Current Affairs and World News. Funny Events and Things in School. Talk about tests and homework assignments (more fun than it seems!) Play a few word games. Talk about vacations and distant places (maybe share a few interesting vacation stories)

What are some interesting topics to talk about with friends?

55 Interesting Topics To Talk About With Friends, Partners, Or Family Love. We all long for it, but what do we actually know about love? Psychology. When speaking of inner worlds, few things can be as fascinating as dissecting the “Whys” and “Hows” and “Whos” and “Whats” of our everyday lives. Metaphysics. Belief Systems. Morality And Ethics.

What are some things to talk about with your boyfriend?

15 Things to Talk About with Your Boyfriend 1. Sports 2. Comic books 3. Skateboarding 4. War 5. Art 6. Movies 7. Food 8. Your dreams 9. How your day went 10. Books 11. Family 12. History 13. Music 14. Your future together (even just short term) 15. Current events

What to talk about?

73 Best Things To Talk About – Never run out of topic. 1. What is the craziest, most outrageous thing you want to achieve? And we’re off the mark with a question that is sure… 2. Have your parents influenced what goals you have? As questions go, this one is both personal and interesting. 3. What