What are some of the most common Kikuyu words?

What are some of the most common Kikuyu words?

Translation – Common Kikuyu Words. 1 a-pronounced as a in the word about. 2 e-pronounced as e in enter. 3 i-pronounced as i in inn. 4 ì-pronounced as a in ate. 5 o-pronounced as o in omit. 6 u-pronounced as u in uganda (name of a country in africa) 7 ù-pronounced as o in oat.

How did some Kikuyu boys get their names?

It should be noted that some names like ‘gathua’ – the limping one, may have started as nicknames. A nickname was passed on into the mainstream with the approval of the old man who owned it. Below is a list of some boy’s names.

How did the Kikuyu get the name Nyeri?

11) Nyeri- Nyeri is a Maasai word meaning ‘red’. The Maasai’s gave this name since the soils in Nyeri are red in Colour.The maasai’s were the original inhabitants of this palce.Nyeri was originally called ‘Gaki’ by the Kikuyu’s.When the Maasai were describing the place they would say ‘Nyeri’ meaning place of red soils and the name stuck.

Who was called Chomba by the Kikuyu people?

Chomba – The Arabs who traded with the Kikuyu around present-day Kikuyu town on the caravan route from the coast were called ‘chomba’ by the Kikuyu. Today the term is used to refer to the Europeans.

Who was the greatest ruler of the Kikuyu tribe?

All of the Gĩkũyũ, Embu, and Kamba use this name. Ngai was also known as Mũrungu by the Meru and Embu tribes, or Mũlungu (a variant of a word meaning God). The title Mwathani or Mwathi (the greatest ruler) comes from the word gwatha meaning to rule or reign with authority, was and is still used.

When did the Europeans learn the Kikuyu language?

When the European missionaries arrived in the Agikuyu country in 1888, they learned the Kikuyu language and started writing it using a modified Roman alphabet. The Kikuyu responded strongly to missionaries and European education.

How are the Kikuyu people related to the Embu?

Agĩkũyũ can also be a shortened form of Mũũgĩ (wise) kũrĩ (than) ũyũ (him/her), hence “one who is wise to others”. The Kikuyu belong to the Northeastern Bantu branch. Their language is most closely related to that of the Embu and Mbeere . Geographically, they are concentrated in the vicinity of Mount Kenya .