What are some ough words?

What are some ough words?

Which words use the ‘ough’ sound?

  • plough.
  • ought.
  • cough.
  • rough.
  • thorough.

How many ways can you say ough?

9 different ways
The letters ‘ough’ can be pronounced 9 different ways in English. ‘ough’ can be pronounced as [ʌf] in rough, /aʊ/ in plough/u:/ in through, /oʊ/ in though, /ɔː/ in thought, /ə/ – in thorough /ˈθʌr.

What type of grapheme is ough?

The grapheme ‘ough’ is a very rare spelling variation of the /or/ (or /aw/) phoneme. Words such as ‘ought’, ‘nought’, ‘bought’ and ‘thought’, however, are used very commonly. Sound out and blend all the words above.

What does the word ough mean?

—used to express pain or disgust.

What are some al words?

Study the word list: AL words

hospital He went to hospital so they could mend his wound.
mental Psychiatry is the study and treatment of mental illness.
metal The metal began to corrode.
medal Sara won the silver medal.

Is ough a Quadgraph?

In b-ough, ough is a quadgraph.

Is ough a Digraph?

Graphemes can be made up from 1 letter e.g. p, 2 letters e.g. sh, 3 letters e.g. tch or 4 letters e.g ough. Digraph – A grapheme containing two letters that makes just one sound (phoneme). Trigraph – A grapheme containing three letters that makes just one sound (phoneme).

What is a 4 letter grapheme called?

Graphemes can be made up from 1 letter e.g. p, 2 letters e.g. sh, 3 letters e.g. tch or 4 letters e.g ough.

How do you read ough?

So, let’s review what we have learned about how to pronounce -ough in English:

  1. The first way is like “oh” in the words: dough, though, although, and thorough.
  2. The second way is like “ooh” in the words: through, and throughout.
  3. The third way is like “off” in the words: cough, and trough.

What words end with Al?


  • gastrointestinal.
  • unconstitutional.
  • intercontinental.
  • multidimensional.
  • representational.
  • transcontinental.
  • extraterrestrial.
  • gastroesophageal.

Is eigh a Quadgraph?

All the phonics people — really, everyone — believe that *, *, and * are graphemes, which they call *quadgraphs.

Which is words use the’ough’sound?

Say these words out loud to hear the different sounds. Can you think of any more ‘ough’ words? Level up now! Take on the latest primary games on Bitesize. There’s more to learn…

What are 13 letter words that contain Ough?

13 letter words containing ough. thoroughgoing. thoroughworts. thoroughfares. thoroughbreds. thoroughbrace. thoughtlessly. merrythoughts.

Are there any words in Scrabble that contain Ough?

Found 617 words containing ough. Browse our Scrabble Word Finder, Words With Friends cheat dictionary, and WordHub word solver to find words that contain ough. Or use our Unscramble word solver to find your best possible play!

Why are the words though, tough, through and thorough difficult?

One of these is confusion among the words Though, Thought, Tough, Through and Thorough. The problem usually comes up when we are reading a lesson together, and we come across one of the words. Students will often get to a word like “tough” and say the word “thought” or “though.”. There are two reasons why these words are difficult.