What are some resources in our community?

What are some resources in our community?

Here are some examples of these to give you a general idea about community resources….Services

  • physical and mental health services;
  • youth services;
  • substance abuse services;
  • religious services;
  • financial services;
  • entertainment services.

What are community resources give an example?

The resources which are accessible to all the members of the community are known as community resources. Village ponds, public parks, playgrounds, etc. are some examples of community resources.

How do you get resources in your community?

Find and Utilize Them! Start by searching for non-profits in your area related to the topic. Community organizations can also include places like local health departments which in addition to offering certain health services could also be a place to find more resources or information for your patients.

What are 4 community resources?

Table 1. Types of basic community resources
Fitness center or gym Laundry or dry cleaner
Library Medical or dental office
Museum Pharmacy
Police station Post office

What do you mean by community resources?

Community resources are any number of things that you might take for granted from day to day that improve your quality of life in some way. Businesses, individuals and even structures all can be considered community resources as they help make your area a nicer place to live.

Which is the best example of community owned resources?

Community: Resources owned by community or society are called Community Owned Resources. For example – Graveyard, grazing land, ponds, burial grounds, park, etc.

What is a community based resource?

Community-based natural resource management: an approach to natural resource management that involves the full participation of indigenous peoples’ and local communities and resource users in decision-making activities, and the incorporation of local institutions, customary practices, and knowledge systems in …

What are community learning resources?

Ciffone (1998) defines community resources as people, places or things that can be found in all sectors of the community and can provide teachers with teaching materials (borrowed or donated), project ideas, guest speakers, field trips, and community service projects.

What are three community resources?

What are community resources used for?

The use of community resources provides a shared memory for the class. For example, going on a field trip is only part of the total experience. As students and teachers talk about the trip and think about it after it is over, they are building shared understanding.

What are resources examples?

Oil, coal, natural gas, metals, stone and sand are natural resources. Other natural resources are air, sunlight, soil and water. Animals, birds, fish and plants are natural resources as well. Natural resources are used to make food, fuel and raw materials for the production of goods.

Who are the community resources in a community?

Community resources are the businesses, public service institutions and charitable organizations that provide assistance and services to local residents. The range of services touches the lives of everyone who lives in a community.

Where can I find resources for older adults?

Resources to support older adults and their caregivers can vary from state to state. See what is available to you. Using your ZIP code or city and state, find resources in your community, like Area Agencies on Aging, that provide information and assistance for older adults and caregivers.

Where can I find information about cancer in my community?

Resources. CancerCare 800-813-HOPE (4673) www.cancercare.org. 211 Collaborative www.211.org. American Cancer Society 800-227-2345 www.cancer.org. U.S. Administration on Aging 800-677-1116 www.eldercare.gov. The United Way (find your local United Way at www.liveunited.org) These important agencies can guide you to resources in your local community.

Where to find community resources in West Virginia?

You can also access online chat through their website at http://www.wv211.org/ . West Virginia 211 keeps an accurate and comprehensive database that you can use to find health and human services to meet your needs.