What are Switzerland main cities?

What are Switzerland main cities?

Switzerland: The largest cities in 2015

Characteristic Number of inhabitants
Zurich 396,955
Geneva 198,072
Basel 169,916
Lausanne 135,629

What is the nicest city in Switzerland?

11 Best Cities in Switzerland

  1. Zurich. Zurich.
  2. Geneva. Geneva at dusk.
  3. Lucerne. Chapel Bridge in Lucerne.
  4. Winterthur. Kyburg Castle.
  5. Basel. Basel’s Old Town and the Basel Cathedral.
  6. La Chaux-de-Fonds. La Chaux-de-Fonds.
  7. Bern. Bern at sunset.
  8. Chur. Chur.

What are the five main cities in Switzerland?

Largest towns in Switzerland:

  • Zürich.
  • Geneva.
  • Basel.
  • Lausanne.
  • Bern.
  • Winterthur.
  • Lucerne.
  • St. Gallen.

What are Switzerland 3 largest cities?

The 10 Most Populated Cities In Switzerland

Rank City Population
1 Zurich 366,445
2 Geneva 177,500
3 Basel 165,000
4 Bern 140,228

What is capital of Switzerland?

In practice, however, with the presence of parliament, government and foreign embassies, Bern is well and truly the capital of Switzerland.

What is the richest city in Switzerland?

Zurich, Switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland – 27.34% Millionaires In many ways, Zurich is Geneva’s German-speaking counterpart. It is the largest and richest city in Switzerland and although not as prominent on the international political scene, it is just as influential in the world of finances and banking.

Which part of Switzerland is the most beautiful?

The 10 Most Beautiful Places in Switzerland

  1. Lake Lucerne. Lake Lucern at the Hotel des Balances/Oyster.
  2. Jungfraujoch. Patrick Nouhailler/Flickr.
  3. Bern. The Penthouse Suite at the Hotel Allegro Bern/Oyster.
  4. Castle of Chillon. Dennis Jarvis/Flickr.
  5. Interlaken. Xiquinho Silva/Flickr.
  6. The Matterhorn.
  7. Lauterbrunnen Valley.
  8. Creux du Van.

What is the main capital of Switzerland?

What is a Swiss city?

BERN. the capital of Switzerland; located in western Switzerland.

Is Switzerland expensive to live in?

Switzerland is well known for being one of the most expensive countries to reside in Europe—and even the world. There are costs at every turn, from the obvious (e.g. high rent prices in major cities), to the unexpected (e.g. license fees for televisions and radios, which total hundreds of Swiss Francs each year).