What are task bar buttons?

What are task bar buttons?

A taskbar is an element of a graphical user interface which has various purposes. It typically shows which programs are currently running. Clicking these icons allow the user to easily switch between programs or windows, with the currently active program or window usually appearing differently from the rest.

What are the buttons in Microsoft Word?

The OFFICE BUTTON allows you to open, save, and print documents, and perform other document output functions (e.g., fax and email). The OFFICE BUTTON is also where you go to change Word’s options and preferences, by clicking the new Options button (e.g., Word Options, Excel Options, PowerPoint Options).

Which bar shows all the buttons of open tasks?

Typically, the taskbar is at the bottom of the desktop, but you can also move it to either side or the top of the desktop. When the taskbar is unlocked, you can change its location.

Which toolbar contains icons for frequently used commands in a document?

The Standard and Formatting toolbars are the two most common toolbars in Microsoft Office 2000. The Standard toolbar is located just below the menu bar. It contains icons representing universal commands such as New, Open, and Save. The Formatting toolbar is located just below the Standard toolbar.

What are the three parts of taskbar?

The Windows TaskBar

  • The Start Button–Opens the menu.
  • The Quick Launch bar–contains shortcuts to commonly used applications.
  • The main Taskbar–displays icons for all open applications and files.
  • The System Tray–contains the clock and icons for some of the programs running in the background.

What are the features of taskbar?

The taskbar runs along the bottom edge of the Windows screen. Start button and “pinned icons” are to the left on the taskbar. Open programmes are in the centre (with a border around them so they resemble buttons.) Notifications, Clock, and Show Desktop button are at the far right.

What are the tools used in Microsoft Word?


  • Mail Merge.
  • Microsoft Chart.
  • Object Browser.
  • Spelling and Grammar Checking.
  • Thesaurus.
  • Track Changes.
  • Word Count.
  • Where are icons in Microsoft Word?

    Select Insert > Icons. Use the Search box near the top left corner to look for the icon you want, or browse by scrolling.

    Which button is present on the right corner of the taskbar?

    2. The right end of the taskbar has the Start button.

    What are the features of standard toolbar?

    The Standard toolbar appears or disappears in the area below the menu bar. It is a toolbar of important features, such as New, Open, Save, collected in the form of icons that are frequently used for creating documents. Creates a new document in a new window.

    What is the difference between menu bar and toolbar?

    The Toolbar contains buttons for frequently-used commands. The Menu bar displays the available menus and commands.

    How many parts have the taskbar?

    It, generally, is the form of a long bar along one side of our devices’ screens. 1)The Start Button – Open a menu. 2)The Quick Launcher Bar – Contains shortcuts to applicatioan or softwares which are used often. 3)The Main Taskbar – Displays icons for each and every application and file in our device.