What are the defensive tasks?

What are the defensive tasks?

A defensive task is a task conducted to defeat and enemy attack, gain time, economize forces, and develop conditions favorable for offensive or stability tasks.

What are the four primary offensive operations?

TYPES OF OFFENSIVE OPERATIONS. 7-42. The four types of offensive operations are movement to contact, attack, exploitation, and pursuit. Commanders direct these offensive operations sequentially and in combination to generate maximum combat power and destroy the enemy.

What are the forms of defense quizlet?

Terms in this set (10)

  • Self-defense. You have the right to defend yourself from unlawful attack.
  • Necessity. Reasonable person acted based on their own judgement with no intent or better alternative.
  • Duress.
  • Ignorance of Law.
  • Mistake of Fact.
  • Intoxication.
  • Entrapment.
  • Insanity.

What is the main purpose of the defense?

Mission: The mission of the Department of Defense (DOD) is to provide the military forces needed to deter war and to protect the security of the United States.

What are the types of defensive operations?

The three types of defensive operations are the mobile defense, area defense, and retrograde. All apply at both the tactical and operational levels of war.

What are the characteristics of offensive operations?

The offense’s main purpose is to defeat, destroy, or neutralize the enemy force. The fundamental characteristics of offensive operations are surprise, concentration, tempo, and audacity. These characteristics are all subcomponents of initiative.

What are the four rehearsal types?


  • Confirmation brief.
  • Backbrief.
  • Combined arms rehearsal.
  • Support rehearsal.
  • Battle drill or SOP rehearsal.

What are the three variations of retrograde operations?

There are three types of retrograde operations:

  • Delay, where the unit gives up space to gain time.
  • Withdrawal, where all or part of a deployed force voluntarily disengages from the enemy to free itself for a new mission.
  • Retirement, where a force not in contact with the enemy conducts movement to the rear.

What are the 3 types of defense operations?

There are three basic defensive tasks—area defense, mobile defense, and retrograde. These apply to both the tactical and operational levels of war, although the mobile defense is more often associated with the operational level.

What is the purpose of offensive operations?

purpose of the offense is to defeat, destroy, or neutralize the enemy force. Because tactical offensive operations often expose the attacker, they normally require local superior combat power at the point of the attack.