What are the green pages in the ERG?

What are the green pages in the ERG?

The green pages indicate the Table of Initial Isolation and Protective Action Distances. This section of the ERG describes the distances necessary for initial isolation around a chemical incident as well as the distance downwind that persons must be protected.

What is covered in the yellow section of the ERG?

Yellow: In the yellow section of the book, responders can locate specific information using a material’s 4-digit United Nations (UN) number. Materials listed in the yellow section that are highlighted indicate that the substance is a toxic inhalation hazard or water reactive.

What does the P mean in the ERG?

What does the “P” next to a Guide number signify? Indicates that the material may undergo violent polymerization if subjected to heat or contamination.

What is the ERG Guide number for 1.4 items?

For Class 1.4 and 1.6 explosives, use GUIDE 114.

What are the ERG colors?

The ERG is organized into easily recognized colors.

  • WHITE – Introduction, instruction, guidance, placards, and more.
  • YELLOW – Materials ordered by 4-Digit UN/NA Number.
  • BLUE – Materials ordered by dangerous goods material name.

What are the sections of the ERG?

What is the most common method of vapor suppression?

The most common method of vapor suppression is application of: A. plastic or other impermeable sheet material.

What is considered a small spill?

Small spill is general a spill involving a chemical that is not highly toxic, does not present a significant fire or environmental hazard, and is not in a public area such as a common hallway.

What is the DOT 4 digit ID number?

A four digit ID number called a UN (United Nations) or NA number is sometimes located across the center of a DOT placard. This number is also required to appear on the DOT shipping papers. A list of these numbers and their corresponding chemicals can be found in the DOT Guide Book.

What does the R stand for in ERG?

Emergency Response Guide. What does the R stand for in ERG? Safety of responders.