What awards did Alex Rodriguez win?

What awards did Alex Rodriguez win?

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez Awards
Alex Rodriguez Awards
2007 The Silver Slugger Award (American League)
2008 The Silver Slugger Award (American League)
2009 The Babe Ruth Award (The Postseason Most Valuable Player)

How Much Is Alex Rodriguez worth?

A-Rod, 45, one of the top earning athletes ever, has amassed a fortune of at least $400 million based on Forbes estimates.

What is A-Rod’s real name?

Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez/Full name

Alex Rodriguez, in full Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez, byname A-Rod, (born July 27, 1975, New York City, New York, U.S.), American professional baseball player, a noted power hitter who was considered one of the greatest talents in the history of the sport but whose career was in many ways overshadowed by his use of …

What nationality is A-Rod?

Alex Rodriguez/Nationality

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Marc Anthonym. 2004–2014
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Jennifer Lopez/Spouse

How much does Alex Rodriguez make a year?

20 million USD (2016)
Alex Rodriguez/Salary

Who is the richest baseball player?

In 2019, Mike Trout signed a 12-year, $426 million contract with the Angels, the richest contract in the history of North American sports. Alex Rodriguez earned the highest salary in MLB in 2013 at $28,000,000….Key.

Member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum
RP Relief pitcher
DH Designated hitter

What does a rod do for a living?

Baseball player
Alex Rodriguez/Professions

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Who is J Lo dating now?

He went on to marry Jennifer Garner and have three children with her, while Jennifer married Marc Anthony – who she shares twins, Emme and Max, with. JLo’s engagement to Alex Rodriguez came to an end in March 2021 and she and Ben reunited in public in April.

When did Alex Rodriguez play in the World Series?

– Alan Trammell (November 1999) Did you know that in the Alex Rodriguez Miscellaneous World Series Items of Interest section seen above you can click the Stats link under the World Series label and a truly comprehensive history of that World Series will appear on your screen? How comprehensive is our World Series data?

When did Alex Rodriguez become a designated hitter?

He was part of the Yankees’ victory in the 2009 World Series over the Philadelphia Phillies, which was Rodriguez’s only championship title. Toward the end of his career, he was hampered by hip and knee injuries, which caused him to become exclusively a designated hitter.

How many Gold Glove Awards did Alex Rodriguez win?

He was also a 14-time All-Star, winning three American League (AL) Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awards, 10 Silver Slugger Awards, and two Gold Glove Awards. Rodríguez is also the career record holder for grand slams with 25. He signed two of the most lucrative sports contracts in baseball.

When did Alex Rodriguez sign with the Yankees?

February 16, 2004: Traded by the Texas Rangers with cash to the New York Yankees for a player to be named later and Alfonso Soriano. The New York Yankees sent Joaquin Arias (April 23, 2004) to the Texas Rangers to complete the trade. October 29, 2007: Granted Free Agency. December 13, 2007: Signed as a Free Agent with the New York Yankees.