What bass did Krist Novoselic play on Nevermind?

What bass did Krist Novoselic play on Nevermind?

-The Nevermind tour (1991) according to Australian Music Trader says Krist Novoselic used a Gibson Ripper Bass through an Ampeg SVT400 head for the recording of Nevermind and that became his live rig.

What tuning did Krist Novoselic use?

“In ‘On A Plain’ the E string is drop-tuned to D, so I rotated between the D string and the drop D. There you go. It was a real simple riff that the vocals were wrapped around, so I wanted to do something to bounce it up a little bit.” Is Novoselic the same bass player today as he was in the heady days of 1991?

What amp did Krist use?

It has been said that Kurt’s live amp setup was very similar to the setup he used for recording. During the Nevermind era, his main amp was a Mesa/Boogie Studio . 22 Preamp with a Crown power amp and 4 x 12 Marshall cabinets. During live shows, the Crown power amp was later replaced with two Crest power amps.

Did Kurt Cobain own a bass?

This crappy bass guitar owned by Kurt Cobain as a teenager sold for $43,750 at an auction in 2009. Cobain used the bass on two early demo recordings he made at his aunt Mari Earl’s house in Aberdeen, Washington during his pre-Nirvana days. The only details the auction gave about the bass was that it was serial #20180.

What kind of music did Krist Novoselic play in?

The teacher, Warren Mason, was also a first-generation Croatian American. Krist Novoselic had music groups with Kurt Cobain prior to forming Nirvana, including The Stiff Woodies and Skid Row. At one point, they tried to find gigs as a Credence Clearwater Revival cover band.

How tall is Kris Novoselic of the band Nirvana?

Novoselic was also known back in the Nirvana days for playing a Gibson Ripper, a hefty instrument which normally needs at least three people just to pick it up off the floor. “I’m six foot seven,” he explains, “which is lucky, because it’s a big bass. Check one out when you go to a music store. Try it on, because it’s big and heavy, it’s a big gun!

Who was Krist Novoselic’s friend in Nirvana?

Robert would ultimately play a pivotal role in the formation of Nirvana as a band; Cobain was Robert’s friend first and overhead Krist listening to punk music in the Novoselic home.

Why is Krist Novoselic never in bass magazines?

“I’m never in any bass magazines!” chuckles Krist Novoselic, legend for an entire generation of grunge fans. Why should this be, we ask ourselves? Perhaps it’s because his old band Nirvana have been defunct since 1994, when singer Kurt Cobain drew a permanent line under his career.