What can be done to increase the yield?

What can be done to increase the yield?

What Are The Ways To Increase Crop Yield?

  • Quality Of Seeds. Agricultural productivity depends on the quality of seeds with which farmers sow their fields.
  • Field Productivity Zoning.
  • Monitoring Crops Growth.
  • Accurate Weather Prediction.
  • Regular Scouting.
  • Crop Protection Methods.
  • Soil Testing & Its Quality.

What are the three stages of farming that can be improved for better yield?

This was achieved by various practices involved in farming and they are divided into three stages they are: Crop variety improvement – Choosing right seeds for planting. Crop production improvement – Cultivating of the crop plants. Crop protection management….Cropping Patterns

  • Mixed cropping.
  • Inter cropping.
  • Crop rotation.

How can we improve crop production?

Crop genetic improvement, by GM or conventional approaches, is only one of many methods that can be used to improve crop performance. Others involve improvements in farm practices, irrigation, drainage, and herbicide, pesticide and fertiliser use.

How do we increase the yields of crops and livestock?


  1. By including better crop management like mixed farming, crop and fodder yield.
  2. By improved varieties of seeds and cropping practices.It can improve the yield of crops which indirectly provides improved food for livestock.

How do you increase yield synthesis?

How to Improve Your Yield

  1. Add reagents dropwise if necessary.
  2. Continuously stir thoroughly.
  3. Carefully keep temperature of reaction and liquid reagents at the correct level during addition and reaction.
  4. Monitor your reaction carefully throughout the experiment.

How do you increase recrystallization yield?

In order to maximize your purity, you’d like to use enough solvent to dissolve the crystals and keep the impurities in solution even after cooling. In order to maximize your yield, you’d like to minimize the amount of solvent used so that as little as possible sample remains in solution after cooling.

What are the major group of activities for improving crop yield?

Major groups of activities for improving crop yields for green revolution are:

  • i) Plant more trees.
  • ii) Reduce excess irrigation that can cause loss of fertility and soil.
  • iii) Use organic manure and fertilizers that should protect crop health but protect them for infestation.

What factors affect crop yield?

The four most important factors that influence crop yield are soil fertility, availability of water, climate, and diseases or pests. These factors can pose a significant risk to farms when they are not monitored and managed correctly.

What new inventions and practices helped increase crop yields?

New Agricultural Tools: Another important factor of the agricultural revolution is the inventions of new and advanced agricultural tools such as threshing machines and seed drills. These inventions have not only increased the work efficiency but also maximized the crop production.

How do you increase yield and purity?

How to Improve Your Yield

  1. Flame dry or oven dry flask and stirbar.
  2. Use clean glassware.
  3. Calculate and weigh reagent amounts accurately.
  4. Purify reagents and solvents, if necessary.
  5. Be sure your reactant is pure.
  6. Rinse (3 times with reaction solvent) flasks and syringes used to transfer reactant and reagents.

Why is it impossible to get 100 yield?

The actual yield is the amount of product that is actually formed when the reaction is carried out in the laboratory. However, percent yields greater than 100% are possible if the measured product of the reaction contains impurities that cause its mass to be greater than it actually would be if the product was pure.

What can I do to increase the yield of my crops?

If you don’t have access to either, you may need to consider planting alternative crops in alternating years — such as soybeans. Planting an alternating crop helps to diversify the demands on your soil. This results in crops that not only yield more, but continually produce year in and year out.

How to get the maximum yield from a marijuana plant?

Getting the maximum yield from your marijuana plant is another story. A plant left to its own devices out in nature will grow well, but the yield will be small and low quality. To really get the most out of your plant, you need to give it the perfect environment. And that is the biggest benefit to growing indoors.

How are hybrid seeds used to increase corn yields?

A crop like corn benefits from using strong hybrid seed with the strength to sustain conditions and maximize yields. The science behind seeds has greatly improved, but there are still techniques and methods to increase your overall efficiency on the farm.

Why are corn yields increasing all over the world?

Corn crop yield rates have steadily increased over time, thanks to hardier corn hybrids and smarter planting practices. Technologies that allow farmers to best understand their soil, what kind of nutrients they may be lacking, and when to plant seeds have positively affected outcomes.