What color are the Colts home jerseys?

What color are the Colts home jerseys?

For a second time in franchise history, the Indianapolis Colts will wear blue on blue. The uniforms will be worn on 11/25 against the Miami Dolphins at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Do the Colts wear white at home?

Titans. In Week 13 against the Tennessee Titans, the Indianapolis Colts are wearing a uniform combination that they rarely use in home games.

What shade of blue is the Colts?

Color Codes of Indianapolis Colts in RGB, CMYK, Pantone and HEX

Color Name RGB Color Code Pantone Color Code
Speed Blue (0, 44, 95) PMS Reflex Blue C
Gray (162, 170, 173) PMS 429 C

What color jersey do you wear for home games?

Instead, the home team in an NFL game chooses to wear either white or colored jerseys, and the visiting team has to wear the opposite. But while this format allows for the warm-weather strategy of wearing white at home, it also invites mischievous counter-strategies.

What are the 49ers colors?

San Francisco 49ers/Colors

What are the Colts colors?

Indianapolis Colts/Colors

Are home jerseys light or dark?

Until the 2017–18 season, the rules of the National Basketball Association (NBA) stated: “The home team shall wear light color jerseys, and the visitors dark jerseys unless otherwise approved.

What does a red jersey mean in football?

9y. In practices, the red jersey means you are not supposed to hit the person wearing it. Obviously coaches don’t want their quarterbacks to be injured during practice, so they virtually always have one on.

What is the 49ers font?

49ers Faithful Font
‘Faithful’ is the official brand font of the San Francisco 49ers based on the iconic “SF” monogram introduced in the early 1960’s, and a continuation of the “49ers” logo-type introduced in mid-to late 1980’s.

What is the color code for Scarlet?

The hex code for scarlet is #FF2400.

What color are the New Orleans Saints?

WhiteOld gold
New Orleans Saints/Colors

What are the Bills colors?

RedNavy BlueRoyal blue
Buffalo Bills/Colors