What countries do you visit on a Mediterranean cruise?

What countries do you visit on a Mediterranean cruise?

Most eastern Mediterranean cruises will visit Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Cypress, and Bulgaria. In Greece, ships will typically stop in Athens, Corfu, Crete, Katakolon, Mykonos, Rhodes, Santorini, and Volos. While in Greece, be sure to explore the many beautiful beaches and architecture this ancient country has to offer.

What is the Mediterranean cruise season?

When is the Mediterranean cruise season? The Mediterranean cruise season runs from April through November each year in order to avoid the winter season, when the weather isn’t as favorable and activities at some popular ports of call are limited. Many restaurants and shops also close down during the off-peak season.

Where do Mediterranean cruises start?

Not surprisingly, ships tend to embark from some of the region’s most popular and accessible tourist destinations, with Western Mediterranean itineraries typically launching from ports like Barcelona or Rome (Civitavecchia), while Eastern Mediterranean sailings usually depart from Athens (Piraeus), Istanbul, or Venice.

How long does it take to cruise the Mediterranean?

The average Mediterranean cruise is seven days, while some can last two months or longer.

What is the best month to go on a Mediterranean cruise?

For optimal weather and adventures aplenty, the best time to cruise the Mediterranean is in the spring, summer or fall season, from early April through late November. During the winter, many locals close up shop, making it difficult for travelers to enjoy the full Mediterranean experience.

What is the best month to take a Mediterranean cruise?

Is there a hurricane season in Greece?

The development of tropical-like cyclones can occur year-round, with activity historically peaking between the months of September and January, while the counts for the summer months of June and July are the lowest.

What is the best Mediterranean cruise ship?

– Seven Seas Explorer. Regent Seven Seas Explorer debuted in 2016, making it the newest ship in the fleet. – Viking Sun. – Seabourn Odyssey. – Celebrity Reflection. – Silver Spirit. – Viking Sea. – Viking Star. – Viking Sky. – Seabourn Ovation. – Crystal Symphony.

What is the best cruise in Italy?

One of the best Italy cruises is this one-way 10-night Rome to Venice Cruise from Regent Seven Seas, one of the most luxurious cruise lines in the world. It’s exceptional because it essentially loops around the entire Italian peninsula.

What is the Mediterranean cruise?

A Mediterranean cruise means a trip to the most beautiful places to visit in the world. Admire the sites in Venice or Rome, or discover Croatia’s stunning national parks.