What countries sell Vegemite?

What countries sell Vegemite?

Around 98% of VEGEMITE is sold in Australia; the other 2% is sold overseas.

Is Vegemite a product of Australia?

Vegemite is produced in Australia at Bega Cheese’s (formerly Mondelez’s) Port Melbourne manufacturing facility, which produces more than 22 million jars per year. Virtually unchanged from Callister’s original recipe, Vegemite now far outsells Marmite and other similar spreads in Australia.

Is Vegemite New Zealand or Australia?

This dark brown, yeast-based spread was developed in Australia in 1923 as a local product when Marmite, imported from England, was in short supply. Vegemite was made in New Zealand for a time, and although New Zealanders eat less of it than Australians, the spread is very popular.

Why doesn’t the US have Vegemite?

THE US has banned Vegemite, even to the point of searching Australians for jars of the spread when they enter the country. Kraft spokeswoman Joanna Scott said: “The (US) Food and Drug Administration doesn’t allow the import of Vegemite simply because the recipe does have the addition of folic acid. ”

Where does the Vegemite in Australia come from?

Today, Australians are known to travel outside of their country with jars of Vegemite in their luggage for fear of having to do without it. The base of this thick, dark-colored food spread is made from the leftover yeast extract from beer production.

Where to buy Vegemite in the United States?

Where to Buy Vegemite Although Vegemite is a staple in Australia, it can be difficult to find in the U.S. Amazon carries multiple sizes of the salty spread, and World Market—both in stores and online—also sells Vegemite. The spread may also be on the shelves of your local supermarket if it does a good job of stocking international foods.

What kind of bread spread is Vegemite made of?

Vegemite is a thick paste used as a bread spread made from yeast extract flavored with celery, onion, and other ingredients. It’s practically fat-free, sugar-free and vegetarian, but it is not gluten-free.

When was the First Vegemite scanned in Australia?

In April 1984, a 115-gram (4.1 oz) jar of vegemite became the first product in Australia to be electronically scanned at a checkout.