What did Byron do in The Watsons Go to Birmingham?

What did Byron do in The Watsons Go to Birmingham?

Along with his best friend Buphead, Byron bullies the younger kids at school. Byron also causes trouble in his family, continually picking on his little brother Kenny and disobeying his parents. He is actually the cause of the family’s trip to Birmingham.

Why did Byron get sent to Birmingham?

Momma and Dad announce that they’re sending Byron to Birmingham to stay with Grandma Sands for the summer—or until he straightens up. When they get to Alabama, Byron suddenly starts acting a whole lot nicer.

What does Byron do after he kills the dove with the cookie?

Byron became sick and vomited because e felt guilty about killing the mourning dove. What does Byron do with the mourning dove? Byron buries the bird and makes a cross out of Popsicle sticks.

What does Byron do to get in trouble?

Byron throws stolen cookies at a mourning dove perched on a telephone wire. Typical delinquent Byron. Then he actually hits the bird and kills it (with a cookie), and suddenly he’s so upset that he’s throwing up and crying uncontrollably.

Who changed the most in the Watsons Go to Birmingham?

When the Watsons travel to Birmingham, Alabama to drop him off to their Grandma Sands to set Byron straight, Byron is changed forever. Throughout the story, Christopher Paul Curtis first portrays Byron as a selfish and cruel character, but by the end, Byron changes into a more mature 13 year old.

How does Byron react after killing the bird?

What did Byron do to his hair?

What does Byron do to his hair? Byron’s best friend Buphead did his hair. He got a “conk” (used chemicals) to dye it reddish brown and made it straight, stiff and slick.

Why does Byron change so suddenly?

Although Grandma Sands is small and withered, she’s quite the disciplinarian; Kenny gets the idea that she’s not the sort of old lady who will tolerate bad behavior. In fact, Grandma Sands may just be one of the main reasons Byron changes so suddenly.

Did Byron stay in Birmingham?

The original plan was to have Byron stay in Birmingham, Alabama for a time with his grandmother. His parents had tried everything to control his rebellious pre-teen behavior, but to no avail, and they were hoping that spending some time with the formidable Grandma Sands would help Byron get his attitude straight.

What is Byron’s reaction to killing the bird?

Why did momma have the whole trip to Birmingham planned?

Why did Momma have the whole trip to Birmingham planned? (Sample response: She wanted to have a tight schedule so that they would avoid spending too much money and she wanted to prevent Dad from trying to drive too far while exhausted.)