What did Nirmal Baba do?

What did Nirmal Baba do?

He is best known for his televised Samagams (congregations), The Third Eye of Nirmal Baba, which have attracted audiences of thousands seeking spiritual guidance and faith healing….

Nirmal Baba
Nationality Indian
Occupation Spiritual Leader
Years active Since 2006
Known for Easy “Solutions” for worldly problems

How can I meet Nirmal Baba?

To get an appointment to meet Nirmal Baba or his office, please dial +91-11-40766400 to talk with his office. Please do not ask for any further information about personal things. As of now, we do not have Nirmal Baba mobile number/WhatsApp number.

Where is Nirmal Baba from?

Samana, India
Nirmal Baba/Place of birth

What is the age of Nirmal Baba?

About 69 years (1952)
Nirmal Baba/Age

Who is Guruji Nirmal Singh?

Guruji Maharaj or Guruji (7 July 1952- 31 May 2007), as he is popularly referred to, was born Nirmal Singh Maharaj at Dugri village, Sangrur district, Punjab, India on July 7, 1952 to a Sikh family.

How many followers does Nirmal Baba have?

He has 3 lakh followers on Facebook and 42,000 on Twitter.

What is the name of Nirmal Baba?

Supreet Narula
Nirmal Baba/Sons

At what age guru ji died?

65 years
Ravinder Sharma, fondly called Guruji, the founder of Adilabad’s Kala Ashram died at his house early on Sunday at the age of 65 years.

Why is Guruji so famous?

Guruji cured thousands of all kinds of diseases. He helped people to get out of difficulties, giving peace and happiness to all who came to him. He blessed even those who had never even seen him but their relatives and friends would come to him and beg for his help to overcome their problems.

Which guru ji birthday is today?

Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti marks the auspicious day where Sikhs celebrate the birthday of the 10th Guru—Guru Gobind Singh. The day is celebrated either on the month of January or December. Guru Gobind Singh’s birthday will be observed on 20 January 2021.

Who is Guru Ji Nirmal Singh?