What did Noah and Abby witness as they hid and watched the workers on the Coral Queen?

What did Noah and Abby witness as they hid and watched the workers on the Coral Queen?

Noah visits his dad again to let him know that he and Abbey witnessed the Coral Queen disposing its waste legally. Dad is confused by this but pleased to hear Lice agrees to help. Lice never shows up to retrieve the skiff, and Noah goes to his trailer.

What happened to Lice Peeking in flush?

Lice Peeking Lice is not dead, however, and reappears before the end of Flush. It is revealed that he left town for a while because he was afraid Dusty would come after him for agreeing to help Paine.

What did Lice Peeking steal from Mrs Muleman?

Lice Peeking stole Muleman’s girlfriend.

What did Noah do to Jasper after Bull and Jasper left flush?

Jasper charged at Noah and punched him right in the eye and spit in his face. Noah felt like striking back but kept his cool. He remembered his father’s words that people who fight can’t win with their brains. As Jasper and Bull sped off, Noah cast his…

What does Noah take to the jail for his father?

Noah’s father, Paine Underwood, is in jail for sinking the Coral Queen casino boat because its operator, Dusty Muleman, is illegally dumping sewage into the ocean.

How did Noah and Abbey try to keep mom from watching dads interview?

How did Noah and Abby try to keep Mom from watching Dad’s tv interview? Abbey “accidentally” threw a baseball at the television and broke it. Abby distracted her while Noah moved the satellite dish. They convinced Mom to take them out for ice-cream while the interview was on.

How did Noah and Abbey try to keep mom from watching dads TV interview?

What does Noah run into under the water?

He was underwater when he hit something that felt like a wall of blubber. He was flung out of the water and saw a massive brown figure pushing away at an incredible pace. It was a manatee. Noah resumed swimming and the thought ran through his mind that sharks also patrol the waters at night.

What animal scares Noah as he is swimming away from the Coral Queen?

The turtle was swimming in polluted water. Noah had seen the turtle and he was able to scare it away from the shores so that the turtle wouldn’t get sick from the waste.

Why did Noah’s dad sink the boat?

1. Why did Noah’s father sink the Coral Queen? The captain was dumping the toilet holdings in the harbor basin water which was illegal and unhealthy.

What does Noah show Jasper Jr and bull that makes them afraid?

He shows them the necklace that Grandpa Bobby (the ‘pirate’) was wearing. Grandpa Bobby gave it to him.

Why does Noah go into the filthy water the second time?

Noah charges back through the bad water to scare the turtle to leave the area. Shelly tells them that Billy Babcock a coast guard worker owes Dusty Muleman so much money for gambling debt that he is paying off Dusty by tipping him off. That is why Dusty never gets caught by the Coast Guard.