What do scouts reasons for wanting to stop the game foreshadow?

What do scouts reasons for wanting to stop the game foreshadow?

At the end ofchapter 4 Scout says there were two reasons she wanted to quit playing the “Radley game.” One was because Atticus showed up and caught them. Jem doesn’t think that Atticus knew what they were doing, but in chapter 5 we find out that Atticus did know.

What was the first reason Scout quit playing?

Scout wants to quit the game for two reasons. One day, Atticus happens to see the children playing the game. Atticus asks, “Does this have anything to do with the Radleys?” Jem denies that it does. This is the first reason Scout wants to quit the game.

What are the two reasons why scout wants to quit the game referenced in 15?

1. She knows that her father won’t like them playing this game and they’ll get in trouble. 2. She heard laughter coming from the house on the day that she accidentally rolled onto the Radley property when she was stuck inside the tire.

Why does Jem make Scout spit out the gum?

She finds two sticks of Wrigley’s Double-Mint gum. Scout was hesitant to eat it because she found it on the Radley’s property but eventually she does. When Jem finds out, he tells her to spit it out because of the fear and mystery surrounding Boo and the Radley family.

What does Scout say about Dill Harris?

As Scout says, “Dill was a curiosity.” (9). From the moment Jem and Scout met Dill, they were interested in his past and what secrets he had. In Maycomb, he was seen as an outsider, a boy full of surprises. Dill is known to have a hidden past.

Why is dill jealous of Jem and Scout’s relationship with Atticus?

Dill and Jem are spending more and more time together and Scout is a little jealous of this. She feels left out and overlooked by the two boys. Dill was becoming something of a trial anyway, following Jem about. He had asked me earlier in the summer to marry him, then he promptly forgot about it.

What did Jem buy with his birthday money?

The day after Jem turned twelve, he and Scout set out for town to spend his birthday money. Jem planned to buy himself a miniature steam engine and with the money left over, he was going to buy Scout the baton she’d been eyeballing for a while.

What does Scout do with the gum?

Scout reaches into the knothole and discovers two pieces of chewing gum. She chews both pieces and tells Jem about it. He panics and makes her spit it out. On the last day of school, however, they find two old “Indian-head” pennies hidden in the same knothole where Scout found the gum and decide to keep them.