What do you mean by disciplinary approach?

What do you mean by disciplinary approach?

Disciplinary approaches involve immersing ELL students in a single subject area while simultaneously scaffolding for English acquisition. Using students’ life experiences is effective in developing content knowledge. Interdisciplinary approaches combine multiple subject areas.

What are the approaches of tourism?

The main methodological approaches to tourism history are then considered. These stem from both history itself and the social sciences. The two fields have been influenced by a number of ideas, such as positivism, humanism, and structuralism and the paper argues that they now have a variety of methodologies in common.

What is institutional approach to study tourism?

The institutional approach to the study of tourism considers the various intermediaries and institutions that perform tourism activities. It emphasizes institutions such as the travel agency.

Which is the most important approach to the study of tourism?

Institutional Approach: This is the key approach to the study of tourism and mainly takes into consideration the various organizations/institutions and intermediaries such as tour operators and travel agencies associated with tourism activities.

What does integrated approach include?

An integrated approach to learning is designed to focus on learning within the curriculum. It focuses on making connections among concepts and experiences so that information and skills can be applied to novel and complex issues or challenges.

What does collaborative approach mean?

A collaborative (or cooperative) learning approach involves students working together on activities or learning tasks in a group small enough for everyone to participate on a collective task that has been clearly assigned.

What are the approaches in tourism planning and development?

There are two types of bureaucratic approaches the Central planning approach and Devolved planning approach. Devolved planning approach – is where local government units assumes control of tourism planning and development for their respective jurisdiction.

What is sociological approach in tourism?

The sociology of tourism is an emergent specialty concerned with the study of touristic motivations, roles, relationships, and institutions and of their impact on tourists and on the societies who receive them.

What do you mean by historical approach?

The historical approach involves understanding the events and experiences surrounding the composition of the work, especially the life of the author, and using the findings to interpret that work of literature.

What is integrate approach?

The “Integrated Approach” The integrated approach to teaching technology combines content area instruction with computer skills instruction. Rather than learning computer skills in their computer class, the students are given projects which involve technology in all of their classes.

What is concept approach?

THE CONCEPTUAL APPROACH – choosing and defining the content of a certain discipline to be taught through the use of or pervasive ideas as against the traditional practice of determining content by isolated topics.

What are the basic approaches to the study of tourism?

It emphasizes institutions such as the travel agency. This approach requires an investigation of the organization, operating methods, problems, costs, and economic place of travel agents who act on behalf of the customer, purchasing services from airlines, rental car companies, hotels, and so on.

What are two types of approaches to discipline?

Basically the approaches to discipline are of two types: positive and negative. 1. Positive Approaches to Discipline: Employee discipline is critical in achieving organisational success.

How is an interdisciplinary approach different from a multidisciplinary approach?

The interdisciplinary approach is uniquely different from a multidisciplinary approach, which is the teaching of topics from more than one discipline in parallel to the other, nor is it a cross-. disciplinary approach, where one discipline is crossed with the subject matter of another.

What is the managerial approach to mass tourism?

Because mass tourism is a fairly recent phenomenon, this approach has limited usefulness. Managerial Approach The managerial approach is firm-oriented (microeconomic), focusing on the management activities necessary to operate a tourist enterprise, such as planning, research, pricing, advertising, control, and the like.