What does a palatable person mean?

What does a palatable person mean?

: having a pleasant or agreeable taste. : pleasant or acceptable to someone.

What does Plateable mean?

Filters. That can be plated (covered with another material). adjective.

What does it mean to make something more palatable?

If you describe food or drink as palatable, you mean that it tastes pleasant. [formal] flavorings and preservatives, designed to make the food look more palatable. Synonyms: delicious, tasty, luscious, savoury More Synonyms of palatable.

What is the synonyms of palatable?

Some common synonyms of palatable are appetizing, savory, tasty, and toothsome. While all these words mean “agreeable or pleasant especially to the sense of taste,” palatable often applies to something that is found to be merely agreeable.

What is palatable water?

Water at a desirable temperature that is free from objectionable tastes, odors, colors, and turbidity.

What is another word for flavorful or palatable?

Some common synonyms of palatable are appetizing, savory, tasty, and toothsome.

Why is food palatable?

This may indicate: (1) a simple observation that some foods stimulate more intake than others, (2) an innate response to the taste of foods that alters appetite, (3) a correlate of food intake that does not itself affect intake, and (4) a link in a causal chain involving prior associations between foods and their …

Which is an example of palatable in a sentence?

satisfactory; suitable Examples of Palatable in a sentence Although the food is not the tastiest I have ever eaten, it is palatable and will fill my tummy. 🔊 Obviously the black dress is more palatable for a funeral than the bright pink garment. 🔊

How did the word palate come to be used?

The palate was once thought of as the seat of the sense of taste, so the word eventually came to mean “sense of taste,” or broadly, “liking.” Palatable has been used in English to refer to palate-pleasing foods since 1619, but it isn’t our only—or our oldest—adjective for agreeable tastes.

Which is more palatable, a luxury car or a palatable car?

— Los Angeles Times, 2 June 2021 And happily, the entry price point is more palatable than some other luxury-sedan offerings. — Rachel Rothman, Good Housekeeping, 1 June 2021

Which is less palatable, Turkey or the US?

— James Hamblin, The Atlantic, 21 May 2021 With Turkey then positioned as a key partner in the fight against ISIS terrorists, the issue appeared even less palatable.