What does candy corn do in Prodigy?

What does candy corn do in Prodigy?

“The primary currency of Pumpkinfest. Used to buy costumes and cool items in the town square during Pumpkinfest.” You can also obtain by defeating monsters in Firefly Forest, Shipwreck Shore, Bonfire Spire, Skywatch, Shiverchill Mountains and even in Crystal Caverns.

How do you get candy corn in Prodigy?

Throughout the event, you can earn Candy Corn by:

  1. Battling monsters (these arrive as random battle rewards).
  2. Find an un-lit pumpkin in Lamplight Town daily for a chance to do battle for more Candy Corn! (Only available during the time of the event, when playing from Home).

Where do u buy food in Prodigy?

Food is a type of item in Prodigy that fills up the user’s health points when it is consumed….Cake

  • Heals 75% of health.
  • You can obtain a cake from the Twilight Wheel, or melting “Frozen Something” in the Furnace Room, which is found in the Shiverchill Mountains.
  • Obtain from a parent reward box.

How do you get the mummy mask in Prodigy?


  1. This hat is obtainable during Pumpkinfest.
  2. It makes you have a real mummy resemblance.

Where can I find luminite in Prodigy?

It can be found in Lamplight Town during Pumpkinfest as one of the evil pumpkins. Woodsman Mike, a Cloaked Wizard, has this pet. Luminite gains 89-90 hearts per level.

What’s the story of E.T.’s favorite candy?

How a great candy was saved from oblivion by a small alien visitor from outer space OR the story of Reese’s Pieces, E.T.’s favorite candy. In the 1950s, Hershey Chocolate developed the capability for panning; that is, sugar-coating a product. M&Ms are probably the best known example of a panned candy product.

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What Your Favorite Candy Says About Your Personality | Eat This, Not That! Even the most devoted health food fiends have a go-to candy. No matter how often you choose to indulge your sweet tooth, there’s always that one item you gravitate towards.

What kind of candy do you like the most?

1 Gummy Bears. If you crave these adorably-shaped bites of sweetened gelatin, chances are you’re a little bit of a kid at heart. 2 Lollipops. 3 Dark Chocolate. 4 M&Ms. 5 Gumballs. 6 Peanut Butter Cups. 7 Starbursts. 8 Licorice. 9 Rasinettes. 10 Sour Gummies.

Which is the best example of a panned candy?

M&Ms are probably the best known example of a panned candy product. Hershey’s first panned product was Hershey-Ets, candy-coated chocolate discs or lentils.