What does etal on property mean?

What does etal on property mean?

This is a Latin phrase that is short for “et alia.” It means “and others,” and is commonly used in legal documents to reference the family or people involved. Legal documents must list every person involved by using their first and last names one time.

Can a property be sold with Power of Attorney?

Is property sale through power of attorney legal? In 2011, the Supreme Court ruled that property sale through power of attorney (PoA) is illegal and only registered sale deeds provide any legal holding to property transactions.

What does etal mean after a person’s name?

Et Al means other persons. Et Vir means and husband. Et Ux means and wife. If the wife is listed first on the deed then the records will read Et Vir to include husband.

Can a Power of Attorney change ownership of property?

A Power of Attorney lawyer can help you to handle the property ownership transfer for you. Among the duties of an agent can include helping the person giving power to transfer a title or deed.

What does ETUX mean on property?

and wife
Primary tabs. Et uxor is commonly abbreviated as et ux and is Latin for “and wife.” Et ux. was formerly a common abbreviation used to denote a pleading made by a husband and a wife, listing the husband by name and adding the “et ux.” wife designation.

What does etal mean in legal terms?

and others
Primary tabs. Et al. is short for the Latin expression “et alia,” “et alius,” or “et alii.” Et al. means “and others” or “and the other people” and usually follows the name of a person or a list of names and represents the remainder of the group. [Last updated in July of 2021 by the Wex Definitions Team] courts.

How do you get power of attorney for property?

Things to Include In POA For Property

  1. Grantor Details- The name, age, address and occupation of the person who grants the power (Grantor) should be mentioned first.
  2. Attorney Details- The name, age, father’s name, address and occupation of the person to whom the power is granted (Attorney) should be described next.

What does N et al mean?

et al. n. abbreviation for the Latin phrase et alii meaning “and others.” This is commonly used in shortening the name of a case, as in “Pat Murgatroyd v. Sally Sherman, et al.”

Can deeds be changed?

A change made to your Title Deeds will be permanent and apply to all future owners of flats in your building. If you can all agree to a contractual change, then you should all agree to a permanent change while you can. The most common reason for changing Title Deeds is to change the shares paid by each owner.

How do you get Power of Attorney for property?

What does Etal mean after a persons name on property tax?

For example, if a property was owned jointly by Abe, Bill, and Charles, the bill may say Abe, et al. Justia Ask a Lawyer is a forum for consumers to get answers to basic legal questions.

Do you have to be on the deed to sell a house?

A duly executed property deed containing the names of all owners is also required to sell or transfer real property. Unless you’re listed on a property’s deed, you can’t be considered its legal owner, even if you are paying its mortgage.

What does et al indicate on a property deed?

A lesson in Latin: “et al.” is short for “et alia” meaning “and others.” Do you mean that the county treasurer or assessor records have that abbreviation? The deed itself would have to list each person in whom title is vested, otherwise title would be meaningless. ¶ There is not enough information here to know who is entitled to shares.

What does et al mean in a legal document?

A: “Et al.” is a Latin phrase meaning “and others.” it is used by lawyers to indicate that the name listed is not an exhaustive list of persons affected by the legal document.