What does Gbadun meaning?

What does Gbadun meaning?

Naijalingo: gbadun. Gbadun. Definition: To really like or enjoy.

What does Bumboya mean?

noun. offensive. A young gay man, especially a prostitute.

What does Kilode in Nigerian mean?

English Translation. why. More meanings for kilode. why adverb.

What does e dupe mean in Yoruba?

e dupe. More Yoruba words for thank you.

What does Boya mean in Nigeria?

perhaps, maybe, probably, rather.

What does FEM mean in Yoruba?

The word FEM is a slang used by the AIYE confraternity. It means a type of greeting to themselves.

What does ooo mean in Nigerian?

If you paid attention, you’d notice that like most Nigerian exclamatory words, ‘O’ connotes more than one idea/reaction. It can be the answer to a call. It can be used in agreement. It can also be used to reiterate a point. As for why Nigerians overuse it, to tell the truth, me, I don’t know o!

What does JOOR mean in Nigerian?

Joor is a lazy slang adopted into the pidgin dictionary from the Yoruba language. It’s one of those word that is more of a swagger talk than it actually functioning with a meaning. It means please, but it is usually in a sentence to beautify the talk.

What does o se mean in Yoruba?

Thank you
E se/o se: Thank you ‘Thank you’ in the Yoruba dialect will automatically earn you some good points. E se is used when referring to an older person, while o se can be used with friends and people the same age as you.

What does Nyash mean in Nigeria?

Nyash. Definition: bottom; back side. Example: Dis girl any time you want something you go come dey shake nyash, abegi!

What does FEM mean in Nigerian?

shut up
Yet “Fem”, meaning “shut up” in pidgin, has taken on a different meaning. Last month, Lagos governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu pleaded with EndSars protesters, who had taken a stand against police brutality.