What does it mean to be in thrall to someone?

What does it mean to be in thrall to someone?

literary. : in a state of being controlled or strongly influenced by someone or something He was completely in thrall to her. He was completely in her thrall.

Where did the word thrall originate?

Thrall is from the Old Norse þræll, meaning a person who is in bondage or serfdom. The Old Norse term was lent into late Old English, as þræl. The term is from a Common Germanic þragilaz (“runner”, from a root þreh- “to run”). Old High German had a cognate, dregil, meaning “servant, runner”.

How do you use thrall in a sentence?

Thrall sentence example The thrall had a house of his own and was rather villein or serf than slave, having rights and a legal price by law. Fifteen years later, she is still totally brainwashed and in thrall of the control-freakery madman.

Is thrall a real word?

thrall Add to list Share. When you’re in thrall to someone, you are under their control in some way. The Old English word that thrall comes from literally means “slave” or “servant.” Another word with the same root as thrall is enthrall, which is sort of a friendlier version of the same idea.

What does thurl mean?

the hip joint in cattle
: the hip joint in cattle — see cow illustration.

What does Thrawled mean?

Wiktionary. thrawlnoun. A stone slab or shelf used to keep food cool in a pantry or larder in the days before refrigeration was domestically available.

Where did Viking slaves come from?

Many of these slaves came from the British Isles and Eastern Europe. In one historical account of Viking-era slavery, an early-medieval Irish chronicle known as The Annals of Ulster, described a Viking raid near Dublin in A.D. 821, in which “they carried off a great number of women into captivity.”

Do Thralls have eyes?

Thrall are the smallest, weakest and fastest Hive enemies. They usually lack visible eyes, and have an almost skeletal appearance (though they do actually possess skin).

What’s a thrall vampire?

Characteristics. Vampire thralls are beings that are forcibly under the control of a vampire, and thus possess no free will of their own. They will attack any person or creature, which isn’t of the same kind or a vampire, including the Dragonborn on sight.

Does thurl mean real?

What does thurl mean in Philly? Philadelphia slang meaning- A [real one], truthful, solid, and upstanding.

Is thurl a word?

(mining, obsolete) To cut through, as a partition between one working and another.

What is a plodder mean?

someone who works slowly and continuously, but without imagination, enthusiasm, or interest: Dennis is a bit of a plodder, but he gets the job done in the end.

What is the meaning of Thrall?

thrall (θrɔl) n. 1. a person who is in bondage; slave. 2. a person who is morally or mentally enslaved by some power, influence, etc. 3. slavery; thralldom.

What does Thralled mean?

verb (used with object) to captivate or charm: a performer whose grace, skill, and virtuosity enthrall her audiences. to put or hold in slavery; subjugate: to be enthralled by illusions and superstitions. Also inthral, inthrall.

What is the plural of Thrall?

thrall (plural thralls) One who is enslaved or under mind control. (uncountable) The state of being under the control of another person. A shelf; a stand for barrels, etc.