What does its possible mean?

What does its possible mean?

If you say that it is possible that something is true or correct, you mean that although you do not know whether it is true or correct, you accept that it might be.

What is the example of possible?

The definition of possible is something that can happen. An example of possible is the chance of a high school valedictorian getting into Yale. Capable of happening, existing, or being true without contradicting proven facts, laws, or circumstances.

What is the meaning of when possible?

: whenever there is an opportunity I like to go swimming whenever possible.

What kind of word is possible?

possible used as an adjective: Able but not certain to happen; not impossible. “Rain tomorrow is possible, but I wouldn’t bet on it.” Capable of being done or achieved; feasible.

Could be possible or would be possible?

Could, would, and should are all used to talk about possible events or situations, but each one tells us something different. Could is used to say that an action or event is possible. Would is used to talk about a possible or imagined situation, and is often used when that possible situation is not going to happen.

Does possible mean yes?

possible and likely mean capable of becoming true or of actually happening. possible is used when something may happen or exist under the proper conditions.

What is the possible sentence?

Possible sentences is a pre-reading vocabulary strategy that activates students’ prior knowledge about content area vocabulary and concepts. Students create, based on their prediction of what the reading will be about, a meaningful sentence for each vocabulary word or concept.

Is it when possible or where possible?

English (U.S.) “When” is the most correct; I agree that “where” wouldn’t be totally wrong, but it still is somewhat odd.

What does the foreseeable mean?

1 : being such as may be reasonably anticipated foreseeable problems foreseeable consequences. 2 : lying within the range for which forecasts are possible in the foreseeable future. Other Words from foreseeable More Example Sentences Learn More About foreseeable.

What is possible grammar?

Possible is an adjective. If something is possible, it can be done or achieved. It is possible for us to measure the amount of rain. Some improvement may be possible. Possible is often used in expressions such as as soon as possible and as much as possible.

Is possible a root word?

“that may be, capable of existing, occurring, or being done,” mid-14c., from Old French possible and directly from Latin possibilis “that can be done,” from posse “be able” (see potent).