What does Jonas notice about the speaker system in the annex room?

What does Jonas notice about the speaker system in the annex room?

Jonas is surprised because the Annex has books and the speaker has an off switch. When Jonas is selected to be the new Receiver of Memory, he has no idea what to expect at first. He barely knows who the current Receiver is, and knows almost nothing about the position itself.

What is unusual about the speaker in the Annex?

The Annex is unique for several reasons. The door locks, The Giver lives alone, there are books, and the speaker has an off button. First of all, Jonas is surprised and a little nervous when he realizes that the door to The Annex locks, because “no doors in the community were locked, ever” (ch 10, p. 73).

Who can turn off the speaker in the annex in the giver?

Interestingly, the only person who has the ability to turn off the Speaker is the Giver in his Annex. The speaker’s job in Jonas’s community is a combination of enforcement and announcements.

What is the annex room in the giver?

An annex is an additional section of building added to an already existing one. The Giver lives in an annex, or addition, to the House of the Old. In chapter 10, Fiona and Jonas are reporting to their assignments and Fiona goes in the front door of the House of the Old.

What exactly is the receiver’s job with regards to Jonas?

The job that Jonas is assigned to is the job of Receiver of Memory. The Receiver has to hold all of the memories of the way things used to be before sameness was imposed. He or she needs to hold those memories because the community might need them at some point.

What is different about the speaker system in the receiver’s room?

The Receiver’s house is unlike all of the others in The Giver. It is the only house in the community that is stocked with a large number of books, and it is the only home that has an on/off switch to the community speaker.

Why else would there be speakers in every house in the community?

The speakers provide an enforcement role in the community and the people automatically obey them. In the community, everyone’s every move is watched all of the time. Community rules are reinforced by constant video surveillance.

Why does the giver look much older than he actually is?

The giver looks older than he is because his job is emotionally draining. When he rides on a sled, “the experience explained itself to him,” and he does not want the exhilarating ride to end. After the experiences of cold and sledding, Jonas feels warmth on his face from “far above.” 10.

Why does the Giver look old?

Why does the Giver look so old? He is filled with wisdom. The job has aged him.

What 2 lessons did Jonas learn about the sun?

“It hurt,” he told the man, “and I couldn’t get the word for it.” “It was sunburn,” the old man told him. So from one object, Jonas learned two lessons: one about pleasure and one about discomfort. The Giver used the sun to show pleasure and pain.

What is the most important job in the community?

Receiver was the most important job in the Community.

Which jobs seem to be valued the most in Jonas community?

The most valued jobs in Jonas’s community are those of the Chief Elder, the Giver and the Receiver of Memory, and the Speaker.