What does maiah mean?

maia(h) Origin:Greek. Popularity:7767. Meaning:great; mother.

How do you pronounce maiah?

  1. Phonetic spelling of maiah. ma-iah. MEY-aa. My-Ah. Ma-iah.
  2. Meanings for maiah.
  3. Translations of maiah. Chinese : 面

What does Kellie mean in Gaelic?

k(el)-lie. Origin:Irish. Popularity:8099. Meaning:war, lively, bright-headed.

What does Kennedy mean in Irish?

Irish and Scottish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Ceannéidigh ‘descendant of Ceannéidigh’, a personal name derived from ceann ‘head’ + éidigh ‘ugly’.

Is Kellie an Irish name?

Kellie is of Irish-Gaelic origin and derived from the Irish surname Ó Ceallaigh or the Irish given name Ceallach. Unlike the unisex form Kelly, Kellie is only a girl’s name.

Is Kellie a biblical name?

Kellie is baby girl name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is Irish. Kellie name meanings is Strife.

Is Mia a Japanese name?

Miya is a Japanese name which, like many Japanese names and their corresponding kanji, may be interpreted to have several different meanings. In the United States some parents pronounce the name MY-ah (Mya) while others opt for ME-ah (Mia). Either way, both meanings and both pronunciations are lovely. Take your pick.

What are nicknames for Mia?

Common nicknames for Mia include:

  • Mai.
  • Maja.
  • Mama.
  • Miami.
  • Mimi.
  • Mim.

Where does the baby name Maiah come from?

[ 2 syll. ma-iah, mai-ah ] The baby girl name Maiah is pronounced as MAYaa- or MEY-aa- †. Maiah’s origin is Latin and Burmese. Maiah is a form of the English name Maya. Maiah is also a form of the English and Burmese name Mya.

What is the meaning of the name Mariah?

Mariah is also a variant of Mary (English). Mariah is popular as a baby name for girls. The name’s popularity rose from the 1970s up to the 1990s.

What does the word maith mean in Irish?

What does maith mean in Irish? maith. English Translation. good. More meanings for maith. good noun. . maitheas, dea-, bailí, buntáiste, sochar, inghlactha, tairbhe, oiriúnach, cuí, leas. well adjective.