What does Montresor keep in his vault?

What does Montresor keep in his vault?

He claims to have a pipe (a large barrel) of Amontillado, a very specific type of sherry, which is the first enticement. So, in the end, Montresor makes Fortunato think that it was his own idea to go into the vaults to test the cask of Amontillado.

What does Montresor do to Fortunato in the crypt?

Montresor wants Fortunato to taste the wine to see if it’s the real thing. Montresor lures Fortunato into Montresor’s family’s catacombs in search of the wine. The catacombs are deep underground. Once there, Montresor shackles Fortunato to the wall and proceeds to brick Fortunato into that recessed area.

How does Montresor ensure that there will be no witnesses to his crime?

He tempts his servants with a free night out, and that guarantees an empty house to commit the murder. He tempts Fortunato with a rare wine, and that guarantees that Fortunato will follow Montresor into the cellar.

What steps does Montresor take to ensure his plan works?

What steps does Montresor take that ensure his plan works. He sends all his servants away, and he keeps giving Fortunato wine.

Does Montresor expect to pay for his revenge on Fortunato?

Montresor sought revenge on Fortunato because F in insulted M but we never find out what he actually said. Montresor makes Fortunato drink a lot of wine so that he doesn’t suspect anything to be going on, because his in drunk. It makes it easier for Montresor to get his revenge.

Why does Montresor keep suggesting that they go back?

So Montresor keeps suggesting that they turn back because: Poe has to fill up some space with dialogue. The suggestions make Montresor look innocent. He can’t be leading Fortunato into any danger if he tells him to turn back.

Is Fortunato happy is Montresor happy?

Montresor keeps up his illusion of being happy to see Fortunato because he has always smiled in his presence, although Fortunato does not suspect that Montresor’s smile is now inspired by the thought of Fortunato’s “immolation” – meaning his burning in the fires of hell for his crimes.

What ploy does Montresor use on his staff?

He would use a rare bottle of Amontillado as a lure to draw Fortunato into his wine cellar. Montresor made sure none of his servants would be at his palazzo.

Why did Montresor’s heart grew sick?

Montresor does not experience satisfaction with the perfect crime he has committed. Instead he says: My heart grew sick; it was the dampness of the catacombs that made it so. He has called to Fortunato several times without getting a response.

Why does Montresor take out his rapier?

If Fortunato had not been drunk when Montresor encountered him on the street, and if Montresor had not kept him drunk, the man surely would have balked. So he had no way of defending himself should Montresor attack him with his rapier.

What does Montresor say at the end of the story?

This awareness comes late in the story, as Montresor takes pains to cover up his intentions until his scheme is nearly complete. Initially, he did not perceive that my smile now was at the thought of his immolation. Near the story’s end, as Montresor finishes building the wall, he expresses satisfaction with accomplishing his plot.

How does Montresor take advantage of Fortunato?

Montresor waits for an opportune time to take advantage of Fortunato. When Montresor initially approaches Fortunato, he is somewhat intoxicated from partying at the festival with the other citizens. As Montresor leads Fortunato through his catacombs, he does not discourage Fortunato from drinking along the way.

How does Montresor set his plans of revenge?

Knowing that Fortunato will volunteer to confirm its authenticity, Montresor invites him to his family’s vaults to taste the wine. Montresor also mentions that he previously told his servants that he would be out of town, knowing that they would neglect their duties and leave his palazzo.

What was Montresor’s problem in the cask of Amontillado?

Fortunato would attract all the attention and Montresor would be like a shadow. Nobody would recognize or remember him. Getting Fortunato to his catacombs is Montresor’s greatest problem. It is helpful that everybody on the streets is drunk.