What does PEP store do?

What does PEP store do?

Pep’s target market is the mass lower- to middle-income end of the market. As such it seeks to sell low-cost clothes and is the largest single-brand retailer in South Africa. Pep is a subsidiary of Pepkor.

What services does PEP offer?

PEP people are called Dynamos and they greet each other with a high five ● More than 50% of PEP’s store managers are promoted from within the company ● ● As well as clothing and footwear, PEP sells homeware, FMCG, cellular and airtime products and also offers a range of other services such as cash-backs, Capfin loans.

What are PEP’s 3 values?

PEP is the biggest single brand retailer in Africa and aims at helping its customers look and feel good. The company is based on three values: Honesty, Passion and Resourcefulness.

What are the strategic objectives of Pep Stores?


  • give our customers the best products they can afford;
  • develop our people to be the best they can be, at work and at home;
  • build efficiencies and keep prices low;
  • invest in education; and.
  • provide resources to charities that benefit the communities in which our customers and employees live.

What does PEP stand for?


Acronym Definition
PEP Principal Educational Psychologist
PEP Public Employment Program
PEP Primary Education Program
PEP Portable Electronic Product

Who are pep competitors?

How many employees does Pep have? Pep has 0 employees.

  • Who are Pep’s competitors? Pep’s top competitors are Edcon Limited, Ackermans, MR Price Group.
  • How long is Pep Courier?

    Parcel delivery options are from three to seven days. The average parcel delivery time is 4.8 days, with approximately 4 000 parcels being delivered daily.

    Can I use my Ackermans card at Pep?

    Ackermans, Bata Shoe Stores, Boardmans, Builders, Cape Union Mart, Old Khaki, Poetry, Chamberlain Stores, Checkers, Checkers Hyper, Checkers Liquor, Clicks, CNA Stores, Contempo, Dion Wired, Dis-Chem, Edgars, Red Square, Game, Game Liquor, Hyperama House & Home, Hungry Lion, Jet, Makro, MediRite, OK Furniture, PEP …

    What owns pepkor?

    Steinhoff International

    Industry Clothing, Retail, Accessories
    Revenue EUR 3.2 billion (2017/2018 – 9 months)
    Number of employees 23,000 (2010)
    Parent Steinhoff International
    Subsidiaries PEP stores, Ackermans, Best & Less, Dunns, John Craig, Harris scarfe, Incredible Connection, Pep&Co, Pepco Poland, Pepco Slovakia, Pepco Romania, Shoe City

    What are PEP’s values?

    The company values honesty, passion and resourcefulness. PEP’s flagship CSI project is the PEP Academy.

    What is the slogan of PEP?

    best prices and more
    Banga continues: “The new tagline ‘best prices and more’ means more stores, more variety, more friendly service, more smiles and excitement, more bargains and, as always, more buying power to give our customers the best prices. PEP will continue to champion low prices while focusing on delighting our customers.”

    What is PEP status?

    The definition of politically exposed person (PEP) is an individual with a high profile political role, or who has been entrusted with a prominent public function. They present a higher risk for involvement in money laundering and/or terrorist financing because of the position they hold.

    How many PEP stores are there in Africa?

    Pep has more than 1600 stores, making it the biggest single brand chain store in Southern Africa (Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi ), Poland and Australia. The company started in 1965 with a clear vision and evolved over time into a multinational that sells 500 million products through 220 million customer transactions every year.

    What are the values of a Pep Store?

    Pep Stores’ values are “Honesty, Passion and Resourcefulness, the vision is: Delighted customers: our focus and pleasure and the mission is to strive to be the friendliest and most exciting retailer offering up-to-date and durable products at the best price” (De Wit and Meyer 2010).

    When did Pep Stores first start selling products?

    The company started in 1965 with a clear vision and evolved over time into a multinational that sells 500 million products through 220 million customer transactions every year. As described in the case study (2010) Pep has been impacted by many major external factors influencing many internal changes.

    How many Pepkor stores have been damaged in South Africa?

    Almost 500 or 9% of Pepkor’s stores — which include the HiFi Corporation, Rochester, Shoe City, Pep, and Ackermans brands -have been damaged and looted this week. The group said 489 stores had been damaged in the riots that started on Sunday in response to the jailing of former president Jacob Zuma.