What does the above quote from the deserted village lines 51 through 56 mean?

What does the above quote from the deserted village lines 51 through 56 mean?

Answer: The poem tell us that in the process of people exploring the riches of the countryside, the earth was misused leading to it’s destruction. It gave an example of a worker who was interested in the gains of the land and while at it destroys it. It emphasized the loss of pride in the land a person toiled.

What is the first line of the deserted village?

Along thy glades, a solitary guest, The hollow-sounding bittern guards its nest; Amidst thy desert walks the lapwing flies, And tires their echoes with unvaried cries.

What is the theme of the deserted village?

The Deserted Village, pastoral elegy by Oliver Goldsmith, published in 1770. Considered to be one of his major poems, it idealizes a rural way of life that was being destroyed by the displacement of agrarian villagers, the greed of landlords, and economic and political change.

What is the name of the village in the poem?

In Ireland the village described in the poem is thought to be Glasson village, near Athlone.

What is the name of the village mention in the poem?

It was said at the time of publication that Johnson had made extensive changes to the poem, but Boswell responded by saying that “the aid given by Johnson to the poem, as to The Traveller and Deserted Village of Goldsmith, were so small as by no means to impair the distinguished merit of the author.”

What kind of poem is if?

Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If” is considered a Didactic poem. The Didactic poem comes from the Greek word didaskein (which means “to teach.”). Poems of this type are meant to teach the reader about something very specific (life, love, decisions, etc.).

Is there anyone there poem?

‘Is there anybody there? ‘ said the Traveller, Knocking on the moonlit door; And his horse in the silence champed the grasses Of the forest’s ferny floor: And a bird flew up out of the turret, Above the Traveller’s head And he smote upon the door again a second time; ‘Is there anybody there?

What do the birds in the poem village song Symbolise?

Ans : The birds referred to in the poem like white cranes, owls, and the black birds symbolise the eerie setting in the evening. All the birds mentioned in the poem symbolise the fear and anxiety of the Village girl.

What do the birds referred to in the poem village song?

What do the birds referred to in the poem symbolize? Ans: The reference to “white crane calling” and “the wild owl’s cry” symbolizes the approaching darkness. Again, the comparison of the dark evening with gathering blackbirds in the sky is suggestive of the fear and anxiety of the small girl.

What is the central theme of the poem?

The central theme of a poem represents its controlling idea. This idea is crafted and developed throughout the poem and can be identified by assessing the poem’s rhythm, setting, tone, mood, diction and, occasionally, title.

What is the message of the poem If?

Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If—” contains a thoughtful message about how to live a successful, principled, and happy life despite the challenges that one will inevitably face.

Why is the Traveller perplexed and still?

Ans: The Traveller was expecting to be greeted by someone. c) Why was he ‘perplexed and still’? Ans: He was ‘perplexed and still’ because he was expecting an answer from the inmates of the house but despite repeated calls, there was no response.