What does the latter mean?

What does the latter mean?

1 : the second one of two things or people that have been mentioned Of these two options, the former is less expensive, while the latter is less risky. 2 : the last thing or person mentioned Of chicken, fish, and meat, I like the latter best.

What is latter example?

When you are comparing two things, the first one is known as the former and the second as the latter. For example, George Bush and George W. Bush were both U. S. presidents. The latter was the son of the former.

Does latter mean last mentioned?

1 : coming or occurring near the end We are in the latter stages of the work. 2 : relating to or being the last thing or person mentioned Of cake or pie, I’ll choose the latter.

What is latter in English grammar?

The terms former and latter are words used to distinguish between two things. Former directs us to the first of these two things, and latter directs us to the second (or last) of them. Do not use former or latter when you are writing about more than two things.

How do you use the word latter?

Use latter when referring to the second of two persons or things mentioned previously. For example: Brenda said that she would call me later. “There are two kinds of worries: those you can do something about and those you can’t.

What comes after latter?

Former refers to the first of a set, while latter refers to the second, or last, item. They usually appear in the sentence immediately following the sequence they are describing.

What is the difference between latter and letter?

Today I’m going to explain the difference between the words LATER and LATTER. They’re only different by one letter – later has one T and latter has two Ts – but they have different pronunciations and different meanings.

Can you say the two latter?

Former means “the first of two” and latter means “the second of two.” Notice that you should use these terms when speaking of only two previously mentioned items. If the options include three or more, former and latter do not apply.

How do you use latter in a sentence?

Latter sentence example

  1. She liked the latter plan much better.
  2. Faced with those two, I would far prefer the latter .
  3. In the latter category, one text stuck out.
  4. The latter part of his life was spent at Heraclea.
  5. When there is an option between a tree and an adjacent house, the latter is doubtless the safer choice.

What does the word latter mean in the Bible?

being the second mentioned of two (distinguished from former): I prefer the latter offer to the former one. more advanced in time; later: in these latter days of human progress. near or comparatively near to the end: the latter part of the century.

Can you use latter in a list of 3?

If you are talking about three or more things or people, don’t use `the latter’ or `the former’. Use an expression with the last or the first. The company has three branches, in Birmingham, Plymouth, and Greenock.

Is latter before or after?

What does latter mean in English?

latter(Adjective) relating to or being the second of two items. latter(Adjective) near (or nearer) to the end. latter(Adjective) close (or closer) to the present time.

What does latter means?

Definition of latter. 1a : belonging to a subsequent time or period : more recent the latter stages of growth. b : of or relating to the end in their latter days. c : recent, present affected by latter calamities.

What is latter and later?

The words later and latter look similar, but their meanings aren’t quite the same. The adverb later means after a particular time or any time after the present. Later is also the comparative form of the adjective late . The adjective latter means occurring at or near the end of an activity.

What is latter part?

‘Latter’ is more specific about how the thing is divided. For some people, ‘latter’ is the second of two things. There’s the former, and the latter. Many people allow ‘latter’ with more than two things: there’s X, Y, and Z, and Z is the latter. So the latter part is the second of two parts, or the third of three parts,…