What does the word trudged mean in a sentence?

What does the word trudged mean in a sentence?

: to walk or march steadily and usually with much effort She trudged through the snow.

Is trudged a word?

verb (used without object), trudged, trudg·ing. to walk, especially laboriously or wearily: to trudge up a long flight of steps.

What is a sentence for disposition?

Disposition sentence example. Dean asked Weller to contact Shipton concerning disposition . So not one of the orders in the disposition was, or could be, executed. All the stress now fell on the disposition , not on the outward act.

How do you use sincere in a sentence?

Examples of sincere in a Sentence He sounded sincere in his promises. She seemed sincere in her commitment to finish school. She has a sincere interest in painting. He showed a sincere concern for her health.

Which is the closest antonym for the word trudged?

What is the opposite of trudged?

breezed coasted
slid slidden
waltzed whisked
skipped tripped
tiptoed sailed

What is a disposition example?

He turned quickly and, when he was unable to determine who had been responsible, had to fight down his indisposition. Probably Dee, through indolence or inadvertence, or, more likely, simple indisposition, hadn’t made contact with her. I myself was suffering from a slight alimentary indisposition.

How do you use peacefully in a sentence?

Examples of ‘peacefully’ in a sentence peacefully

  1. We live here very peacefully.
  2. In a few moments I was sleeping peacefully again.
  3. His agent said that he died peacefully.
  4. She climbs into bed and slips peacefully away.
  5. The last three hostages were freed unhurt as the siege ended peacefully after four hours.

How can you show sincerity?

Use sincere body language.

  1. Make steady eye contact, but don’t stare. Look away every now and then, and don’t forget to blink.
  2. Maintain a relaxed posture, but keep your body slightly poised.
  3. Don’t try to change your body language to reflect sincerity.

Which is an example of a trudge in a sentence?

Definition of Trudge. move forward slowly because of exhaustion. Examples of Trudge in a sentence. Despite three days without food or rest, the weary soldiers continue to trudge over the battlefield.

What’s the meaning of the term’trudge’in sports?

— Houston Mitchell Assistant Sports Editor, Los Angeles Times, 16 Mar. 2021 Snowboarders do the same thing with split boards, which come apart to create mini-skis with skins for the uphill trudge. — Los Angeles Times, 17 Dec. 2020 While the flames were voracious up higher, the fire’s pathway down the hillside slowed to a trudge.

When do you trudge through the interview process?

— Nick Canepa Columnist, San Diego Union-Tribune, 24 Apr. 2021 There is time and effort put forth by a large number of employees to trudge through the interview process.