What free state was allowed to join the Union at the same time as Missouri?

What free state was allowed to join the Union at the same time as Missouri?

After this stalemate, Missouri renewed its application for statehood in late 1819. This time, Speaker of the House Henry Clay proposed that Congress admit Missouri to the Union as a slave state, but at the same time admit Maine (which at the time was part of Massachusetts) as a free state.

Which state entered the Union as a free state under the compromise?

Congress passed the Compromise of 1850, a series of laws that amended the Fugitive Slave Act, abolished the slave trade in Washington, D.C., and admitted California to the Union as a free state.

Which states opposed Missouri entering the Union?

Missouri Applies For Statehood In 1819, the slaveholding territory of Missouri applied for admission to the Union. Northern states opposed it, feeling that Southern slaveholding states held too much power already.

What were the 12 free states?

The states created from the territory – Ohio (1803), Indiana (1816), Illinois (1818), Michigan (1837), Iowa (1846), Wisconsin (1848), and Minnesota (1858) – were all free states.

When did Missouri became the 24th state?

August 10, 1821
The Missouri territorial legislature approved this compromise in June 1821, and Congress granted Missouri statehood. President James Monroe signed the federal legislation August 10, 1821, officially making Missouri the 24th state in the union.

What was the purpose of the Missouri Compromise?

Missouri Compromise. The Missouri Compromise was an effort by Congress to defuse the sectional and political rivalries triggered by the request of Missouri late in 1819 for admission as a state in which slavery would be permitted. At the time, the United States contained twenty-two states, evenly divided between slave and free.

Where was slavery banned in the Missouri Compromise?

In February 1820, the Senate added a second part to the joint statehood bill: With the exception of Missouri, slavery would be banned in all of the former Louisiana Purchase lands north of an imaginary line drawn at 36º 30’ latitude, which ran along Missouri’s southern border.

Who was the Speaker of the House during the Missouri Compromise?

The Missouri Compromise dictated that Maine would enter the Union as a free state, and Missouri would enter as a slave state. Henry Clay of Kentucky was Speaker of the House during the debates over the Missouri Compromise and was deeply engaged in moving the legislation forward.

Why did the Missouri Territory apply for statehood?

After Louisiana itself, Missouri was the first territory within the area designated by the Louisiana Purchase to apply for statehood. The leaders of the Missouri territory intended the state to have no restrictions on slavery, which aroused the ire of politicians in northern states.