What happened to Vanessa from The Saturdays?

What happened to Vanessa from The Saturdays?

When The Saturdays decided to take a hiatus in 2014 after completing their Greatest Hits Live! tour, White decided to record her own solo music, recording with the likes of Wretch 32. She has released two Extended plays Chapter One and Chapter Two.

Who was in the group The Saturdays?

Frankie BridgeVocals
Una HealyMollie KingVocalsRochelle HumesVocalsVanessa WhiteVocals
The Saturdays/Members
The Saturdays are a popular five-piece British pop girl band, consisting of members Vanessa White, Rochelle Humes, Francesca Bridge (known as Frankie), Mollie King and Una Healy. The Saturdays have sold over 8 million records in the UK and Ireland.

Are The Saturdays still friends?

The group, which was made up of Mollie Vanessa White, Frankie Bridge, Una Healy, and Rochelle Humes, split seven years ago but all five have remained close. We are all enjoying doing different things, presenting, family life, Una is doing music still.

What band is Mollie King in?

The SaturdaysSince 2007
Mollie King/Music groups

Meet Mollie King “My signature dance move is probably the finger point…” Is this King ready to be Queen of the dancefloor? One-fifth of leading girl group The Saturdays, London’s Mollie King is dropping the mic and picking up the tassels in preparation for Strictly 2017.

Who did the Saturdays marry?

Wayne Bridge
She has been married to Wayne Bridge since 2014, and together, the couple have two sons. As of 2020, Bridge’s net worth stands at £11 million, the highest of all the members of The Saturdays. Bridge is a bestselling author….

Frankie Bridge
Instruments Vocals
Labels Polydor Fascination

What happens to the Saturdays?

On 31 March 2017, White confirmed that she had no plans to go back to the Saturdays anytime soon, furthering their hiatus. While promoting her debut country music album The Waiting Game, Una Healy also confirmed that the band had no current plans anytime soon.

Did the Saturdays break America?

The Saturdays’ US TV show has been cancelled in America, as the girls just didn’t provide enough drama. However, a spokesperson for the band said, “Chasing The Saturdays was originally only commissioned for one season.

How did the Saturdays get together?

The Saturdays were formed in June 2007, after auditions were held to find members for the group. The group was put together through the record label Polydor Records which meant they would have an instant record deal and were signed to Fascination Records, a sub-label of Polydor.

Will the Saturdays get back together?

MOLLIE King has hinted that The Saturdays could reunite – seven years after their split. The DJ, 33, was part of the five piece with Una Healy, Rochelle Humes, Vanessa White and Frankie Bridge, and she thinks it would be “fun” to get together again. She said:”I always say never say never.

What age is Molly King?

34 years (June 4, 1987)
Mollie King/Age

Is Mollie King in a relationship?

Mollie King is engaged to her boyfriend Stuart Broad. She announced the news on Instagram on New Year’s Day, sharing a snap of the pair kissing while on a wintry countryside walk.

Did the Saturdays have a number 1?

The Saturdays finally clinch their first Official Number 1 single with What About Us FT Sean Paul. They’ve only gone and done it: Five years on from making their chart debut, The Saturdays finally land their first Official Number 1 single with the dancehall-infused What About Us? FT Sean Paul.

What did Mollie King do before the Saturdays?

As part of the Saturdays, King has had thirteen top-ten and eight top-five singles, including the UK no.1 hit What About Us on the UK Singles Chart and five top-ten albums on the UK Albums Chart. Before The Saturdays, King was a member of another girl group, Fallen Angelz, with whom she appeared on The X Factor.

What did Rochelle and Mollie do on the Saturdays?

‘Rochelle and Mollie from The Saturdays tasting various ciders is the type of daytime television I needed in my life on a Friday morning. God bless you @ThisMorning,’ added someone else. ‘@thismorning absolutely love how giddy @rochellehumes gets with the segments where she’s trying alcohol.

How old is Mollie King singer and dancer?

Mollie Elizabeth King: Born 4 June 1987 (age 33) Wandsworth, London, England: Origin: London, England: Genres: Pop, dance, electropop: Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter, dancer, Radio presenter. Instruments: Vocals, guitar: Years active: 2004–present: Labels

When was Mollie King eliminated from Strictly Come Dancing?

On 7 August 2017, King was the first contestant announced for that year’s series of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, partnered with AJ Pritchard. King was eliminated in the semi-final on 10 December 2017, coming in fifth place.