What happens in chapter 25 of Touching Spirit Bear?

What happens in chapter 25 of Touching Spirit Bear?

In Chapter 25, Peter and his parents show up to the island. Peter’s parents are skeptical and Peter is withdrawn. Cole spends the day trying to explain to them how much he has changed. He takes them to the area where he was maimed and almost died.

What was the first thing Cole finished carving into the totem pole?

The first animal he carved was an eagle. He had did and eagle because one day he saw one dive into the water to catch fish. So that night he had danced the dance of the eagle. Later he had carved a bear onto his totem because he saw the Spirit bear again.

What will Cole’s totem pole represent?

It symbolizes the cycle of life, the beginning and end of all things, and the balance of nature. For Cole, it represents his new friendship with Peter because it’s the only symbol that he was able to teach him how to carve.

What happens in chapter 24 of Touching Spirit Bear?

Cole wakes up and goes to work on a totem pole he is carving. Since he was finally able to dance his anger dance, he wants to carve something that represents what he learned about his anger. He cannot think of what to carve, so he walks away.

What finally allows Cole to heal?

Finally, when he learns to forgive others and to try to help others recover from their own problems he make amends. Demonstrating how Cole is beginning to understand empathy and forgive instead of holding anger.

Who destroys Cole’s totem pole carving of the bear?

When Peter destroys the bear carving on the totem pole, what does Cole do? Cole leaves the area and goes alone to soak. Cole seeks out Garvey and asks his advice.

Why is there an empty space at the bottom of Cole’s totem?

Why is there an empty space at the bottom of Cole’s totem? That space was reserved for an anger carving.

What happens in chapter 21 of Touching Spirit Bear?

In chapter 21 of Touching Spirit Bear, we will see how Cole is tested. He is faced with trials and temptations which he overcomes very well. He is on his way to healing. He has already progressed since the last time he was on this island.

What happens in chapter 23 of Touching Spirit Bear?

By Ben Mikaelsen Cole realizes that to become invisible, he has to clear his mind. The last time he saw Spirit Bear, he was so close to death that he could hardly think—he had completely given up control over his life. They stare at each other for a moment before Spirit Bear walks away.

What is the program Cole is applying for instead of spending time in jail?

Cole Matthews is a teenage delinquent who is in huge trouble for beating up a kid named Peter Driscal. He’s supposed to go to jail, but his parole officer, Garvey, somehow gets him into this program called Circle Justice, which is a Native American form of justice that emphasizes healing rather than punishment.