What happens to the tattered soldier in the red badge of courage?

What happens to the tattered soldier in the red badge of courage?

The soldier’s friendly talk unwittingly amplifies Henry’s guilt, worsening Henry’s emotional state. The tattered soldier reveals the depths of Henry’s shame, and Henry cannot deal with it. Henry leaves the tattered soldier to die, wounded and delusional, just to get away from him.

How does Henry get the red badge of courage?

Henry watches him die. Henry sees a group of men fleeing. He tries to stop one so that he can find out why they are leaving. The fleeing man hits Henry on the head with the butt of his rifle causing a head injury, which is Henry’s ‘red badge of courage.

What happened in Chapter 5 of The Red Badge of Courage?

In chapter five of The Red Badge of Courage, Henry fights his first battle against Confederate soldiers. During battle, Henry becomes a machine, blocking out everything else but firing and reloading his gun. Eventually, the environment of the battle gets to him and mentally impairs him.

What does Henry realize about the tattered man?

The tattered soldier’s reaction to Jim’s death is one of awe. After abandoning the tattered soldier in the field, Henry realizes that he is also alone and abandoned. When Henry begins to wish for death, the reader can see that the tattered man’s question had pierced his soul.

What does the tall soldier ask Henry to do for him?

He asks Henry to get him out of the road, to keep him safe, if a battery approaches; Henry is so overcome with emotion that he can’t answer his friend except with wild gestures.

What must a soldier do in order to win a red badge of courage?

23. What must a soldier do in order to win “a red badge of courage?”

  • Escape from battle unscathed.
  • Be wounded in battle.
  • Kill ten men.
  • Take prisoners of war.

What problems does Henry face as a soldier?

Henry’s new-found confidence allows him to face a tough reality: that as a soldier, he must kill or be killed. His confidence allows him to feel anger toward the enemy, rather than fear.

How does Henry feel about his decision to join the war?

A: Initially, Henry is drawn to enlist by the thrills he expects to experience in war. He thinks that it will be exciting and he expects that it will soon be over, so he wants to join it before it is too late. He is somewhat naïve about war and he imagines himself doing great deeds with his “eagle-eyed prowess”.

What did the loud soldier give Henry?

As the chapter ends, the loud soldier (Wilson) tells Henry that he expects to die in battle, and he hands Henry a packet which he asks Henry to take to his family.

Who asks Henry if he was hit?

One member of the group, a “tattered soldier”, asks Henry where he is wounded, but the youth dodges the question. Among the group is Jim Conklin, who has been shot in the side and is suffering delirium from blood loss.