What has the tattered man asked Henry that?

What has the tattered man asked Henry that?

He begins to talk about his family at home before recounting the battle and how his friend was injured. Then, he asks Henry where he was wounded again. This reminder to Henry of how terrible the battle was and how Henry ran away is too much; Henry leaves the tattered soldier wandering alone and injured in a field.

What does the tattered soldier want more than anything in the red badge of courage?

Answer: He talks about how courageous the enemy was, which only makes Henry fill more guilty about his own lack of courage.

Why did Henry not talk to the tattered man?

why didn’t the youth want to talk to the tattered man? the youth “wished that he. too, had a wound, a red badge of courage. he wanted an outward sign of bravery.

Why was it ironic that Henry was running out of the woods?

A: It is ironic that Henry wants to return to battle very shortly after he first ran; he is drawn to the very thing that he just ran from.

What does the tattered man symbolize?

A living symbol, the tattered man represents Henry’s own conscience projected onto someone else. The tattered soldier embodies Henry’s feelings of guilt and shame for fleeing battle.

Why does Henry wish he were dead?

Why did Henry wish he were dead? Henry ran from battle to save himself.

Is the fact that Henry doesn’t see the cheerful soldiers face ironic?

The fact that Henry is “cheerily” delivered to his regiment is an ironic contrast to the sadness which he assumes must follow his explanation of his whereabouts.

What is ironic about the way Henry is wounded?

RBoC = wound that symbolizes courage in battle, Union soldier hits him on head, but Henry claims a bullet grazed his head in battle. He follows, and tries to help Henry’s “wound.” It is Ironic because he is actually driving a knife deeper into Henry’s only wound; his wounded pride.

How does the wounded tattered man treat Henry?

The tattered man does have as much respect as henry. he envies the charging line of infantry without fear and with perfect self respect. He confronts a man who is wounded and going crazy-> the man hits him in the head with his riffle. Its ironic bc henry earns his RBOC while on the same side.

What made Henry feel like a mental outcast?

Henry considers himself a “mental outcast” because all of his fellow soldiers feel the same way as this man. None of them would even consider deserting their posts in battle. Henry is alone in doubting his own bravery. He fears that he might prove to be a coward, and he keeps these thoughts to himself.

Why does Henry hesitate to return to his regiment after he flees battle?

Why does Henry hesitate to return to his regiment after he flees battle? Minimum 3 sentences. Henry fears that he will be harassed for being a deserter. He fears that his name will be associated with cowardess.

What does Henry realize about the man with the cheery voice?

He perceives these men to be happy, and he wishes now that he too had a red badge of courage. Henry looks and realizes who it is – Jim Conklin, the tall soldier.