What information do security classification guide SCG provide?

What information do security classification guide SCG provide?

An SCG is the written record of original classification decisions or a series of decisions regarding a system, plan, program, or project. Specific and detailed guidance is required when identifying information that must be classified.

What does a security classification guide provide quizlet?

What information do security classification guides (SCG) provide about systems, plans, programs, projects, or missions? Requests for waivers and exceptions must identify the specific provision or provisions of the _________________for which the waiver or exception is sought.

What are different security classifications?

A security classification specifies how people must protect the information and equipment they handle. Security classifications can be divided into two types of information: policy and privacy information. national security information….National security information


What are the 6 levels of security classification?

Some common classification levels are “Secret”, “Confidential”, “Restricted”, “Public”, etc. By classifying data according to these levels, it helps to determine the type of security controls that are required for safeguarding that data.

What is the first step an original classification?

Determine whether the information is official, is the first step an Original classification authority (OCA) must take when originally classifying information. This answer has been confirmed as correct and helpful.

What information is listed in the Classification Authority block on a document?

The classification authority block, or CAB, identifies the authority and duration of classification determination. It indicates who the document was classified by, derived from, what it was downgraded to (if applicable), and when it was declassified.

What information do security Classification Guide provide?

The core of a classification guide is the identification of the specific items or elements of information warranting security protection; specific statements describing aspects of each program, plan, project, system, etc. The elements must describe those items that would be classified if used in a document.

When should a security badge be visible?

When is it appropriate to have your securing badge visible with a sensitive compartmented information facility? At all time when is the facility.

What are the three classification of documents?

Automatic document classification tasks can be divided into three sorts: supervised document classification where some external mechanism (such as human feedback) provides information on the correct classification for documents, unsupervised document classification (also known as document clustering), where the …

What are the 4 types of classified matters?

Typical classification levels

  • Top Secret (TS)
  • Secret.
  • Confidential.
  • Restricted.
  • Official.
  • Unclassified.
  • Clearance.
  • Compartmented information.

What are the three levels of classification?

(S) There are three levels of classification – TOP SECRET, SECRET, and CONFIDENTIAL. (S) There are two ways to classify a document – ORIGINAL CLASSIFICATION or DERIVATIVE CLASSIFICATION.

What is the second step in the Six Step Process for original classification?

Step 2: Eligibility First, the OCA has to analyze whether the information is eligible for classification. Second, the OCA needs to assess whether there are any prohibitions or limitations on classifying it. Third, the OCA must determine if the information has already been classified by another OCA.

What are the levels of security classification?

The United States has three levels of classification: Confidential, Secret, and Top Secret. Each level of classification indicates an increasing degree of sensitivity. Thus, if one holds a Top Secret security clearance, one is allowed to handle information up to the level of Top Secret,…

What are the classifications of security?

There are only three security classification levels—Top Secret, Secret, and Confidential. The Secretary of the Navy ( SECNAV ) or his/her designees have the authority to originally classify information as Top Secret, Secret, or Confidential.

What is a security classification or SCG?

SCG The preferred method for communicating an original classification decision is through a security classification guide, or SCG. An SCG is a collection of precise decisions and comprehensive guidance regarding a specific system, plan, program, mission, or project.

What is the classification of national security?

Information or material which requires protection against unauthorized disclosure in the interest of the national defense or foreign relations of the United States (hereinafter collectively termed national security) is classified Top Secret, Secret or Confidential, depending upon the degree of its significance to national security.