What interstate highways are in Michigan?

What interstate highways are in Michigan?

Primary Interstates

Number Length (mi) Northern or eastern terminus
I-69 202.317 Hwy. 402 at Port Huron
I-75 395.916 International Bridge at Sault Ste. Marie
I-94 275.398 Hwy. 402 at Port Huron
I-96 192.032 I-75 in Detroit

How long is Interstate 96?

192 mi
Interstate 96/Length

Where does the Grand River road start and end in Michigan?

The modern route of Grand River Avenue cuts across the Lower Peninsula in a northwest–southeast fashion from near Grand Rapids to Detroit. Before the late 1950s and early 1960s, US 16 followed other roads between Muskegon and Grand Rapids, and then Grand River Avenue through Lansing to Detroit.

When did Interstate 96 open?

Interstate 96 (I-96) is an east–west Interstate Highway that runs for approximately 192 miles (309 km) entirely within the Lower Peninsula of the US state of Michigan….

Interstate 96
Length 192.032 mi (309.046 km)
Existed 1959–present
History Completed November 21, 1977
Major junctions

Which is the only interstate highway in Michigan?

I-96 is Michigan’s only two-digit intrastate Interstate highway, existing only within the state. I-96 replaced the route and designation of US-16 in Michigan in 1963. (See the Historic US-16 pages for more information.)

Where is Interstate 296 in Grand Rapids Michigan?

Interstate 296. Interstate 296 (I-296) is a part of the Interstate Highway System in the US state of Michigan. It is a state trunkline highway that runs for 3.43 miles (5.52 km) entirely within the Grand Rapids area. Its termini are I-96 on the north side of Grand Rapids in Walker and I-196 near downtown Grand Rapids.

When was the First Interstate built in Michigan?

The Interstates in Michigan have their origins in World War II-era expressways built in the Detroit area. After the system was created in 1956, the state highway department completed its first border-to-border Interstate in 1960.

Where is Interstate 69 south of Indiana to Michigan?

The first section of Interstate 69 south of the original Indiana to Michigan corridor to be signed was the 14.7-mile stretch between U.S. 61 near Tunica and Interstate 55 by Hernando, Mississippi. This route generally serves as a connector for through traffic heading south to U.S. 61 and an area of casinos and I-55 north into Memphis, Tennessee.