What is a 5 watt LED light equivalent to?

What is a 5 watt LED light equivalent to?

LED light bulbs take energy efficiency to another level, using around 40% less energy than CFL equivalents….LED equivalents to CFL light bulbs.

CFL Light Bulb Wattage LED Equivalent Wattage
15 Watt 9 Watt
9 Watt 5.5 Watt
5 Watt 3 Watt

How many lumens is a 5 watt?

Watts to Lumens Comparison

Power Light bulb Energy-saving lamp
5 W 180 lm
7 W 290 lm
9 W 400 lm
11 W 530 lm

How bright is a 5 watt LED bulb?

LED light bulbs for general use around the home will typically have a wattage between 5W-15W, and will emit between 300-500 lumens. Some outdoor floodlights emit in excess of 20,000lm.

How many volts is a 5 watt bulb?

120 Volts
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Wattage 5 watts
Bulb Shape Size C7
Light Source Wattage 5 Watts
Voltage 120 Volts

How many amps does a 100 watt LED light bulb draw?

8.3 amps
Divide the total number of watts by the system’s volts. For example, a 100-watt bulb in a 12-volt system will draw 8.3 amps.

What is a 100-watt bulb in LED?

When you see a label say “100-Watt LED equivalent” that does not mean that the bulb actually uses 100 Watts, it means that it produces an amount of light equivalent to a 100-Watt incandescent bulb.

What is a 5 watt bulb?

5 watt LED bulbs are a type of high intensity LED. LED bulbs produce much more light for each watt of power they consume than a regular incandescent bulb would. 5 watt LED bulbs also produce light with a narrower color spectrum than incandescents.

How many watts are in a light bulb?

A light bulb is typically 60 watts; leave it on for an hour you have used 60. watt hours, or .06 kWh.