What is a blastula Why is the blastula a useful developmental stage to examine cells in mitosis?

What is a blastula Why is the blastula a useful developmental stage to examine cells in mitosis?

Whitefish blastula: The developing embryo of any organism is a good tissue to examine for mitosis, since cells must divide at a high rate to transform a fertilized egg (single cell) into the trillions of cells of a viable organism.

Why is the whitefish used to study mitosis quizlet?

Explain why whitefish blastula and onion root tip are selected for the study of mitosis. These plants are selected because whitefish blastula and onion root tip have cells that rapidly divide, making it easier to see the different stags of mitosis under a microscope.

Why is it appropriate to view a Whitefish cell from a blastula in early embryonic development instead of a cell from adult tissue?

Why use the whitefish blastula? Mitosis most easily observed in growing embryonic tissues which have many cells dividing at the same time. The absence of nuclear material in cells that is a phenomenon that results from the technique of slide preparation, not a biological mechanism.

What do Whitefish blastula cells and Allium root tip cells have in common which make them good for illustrating mitosis?

O Both Whitefish Blastula and Allium Root Tip cells have multiple nuclei and therefore we can see all stages of Mitosis in one cell. They are not actively dividing because the organism is no longer growing.

What is the function of blastula?

Blastula, hollow sphere of cells, or blastomeres, produced during the development of an embryo by repeated cleavage of a fertilized egg. The cells of the blastula form an epithelial (covering) layer, called the blastoderm, enclosing a fluid-filled cavity, the blastocoel.

What are the three important components of the blastula?

During gastrulation, the blastula folds in on itself to form three germ layers, the ectoderm, the mesoderm, and the endoderm, that will give rise to the internal structures of the organism.

Why is whitefish used to study mitosis?

To study mitosis, biologists often look at particular cells. The whitefish embryo is a good place to look at mitosis because these cells are rapidly dividing as the fish embryo is growing. The onion root is also a good place because this is the area where the plant is growing.

What types of cells in your body undergo mitosis?

Three types of cells in the body undergo mitosis. They are somatic cells, adult stem cells, and the cells in the embryo. Somatic cells – Somatic cells are the regular cells in the body of multicellular organisms.

What is a Whitefish blastula?

Whitefish blastula is the early stage of embryo development of whitefish. The blastula is formed after an egg is fertilized and divides numerous times…

Which stage of mitosis is the easiest to identify?

easiest phase to see? During late interphase, the nucleus is well defined and surrounded by the nuclear envelope. It contains one or more nucleoli.

Why is onion root tip Whitefish blastula?

Explain why whitefish blastula and onion root tip are good tissues to use for observing the phases of mitosis. Onion Root tip has large cells with clear easy to see chromosomes. Whitefish Blastula, when dyed properly, clearly shows the spindle.

How is blastula created?