What is a geezer English slang?

What is a geezer English slang?

Geezer is a mildly negative slang term for a man, especially an older man who’s considered odd in some way. In American slang, geezer almost always refers to an older man and is especially used in the phrase old geezer. In British slang, geezer just refers to any man.

Is Skeezer a bad word?

(slang, derogatory) A woman of lax morals.

What is a female geezer?

geezer girl in British English noun. British slang. a young woman who behaves in an aggressive manner.

What does Skizzer mean?

Skizzer: A mid 80’s early 90’s thot or Harlet.

What is a proper geezer?

In the UK, it is used most often to refer simply to a man, e.g. “some geezer was here earlier”, and less often as a complimentary phrase, e.g. “he is a proper geezer”. In the US, the term typically refers to a cranky old man and can carry the connotation of either age or eccentricity; see fuddy-duddy.

Can a woman be a coot?

A coot is an eccentric person, a hag is a mean woman.

What do you call an older woman who dates a younger man?

An older woman liking a significantly younger male is called a cougar.

What does the name skewing mean?

Define skewing. skewing synonyms, skewing pronunciation, skewing translation, English dictionary definition of skewing. v. skewed , skew·ing , skews v. tr. 1. To turn or place at an angle: skew the cutting edge of a plane. 2. To give a bias to; distort: The use of a limited…

What is the definition for skew in math terms?

Illustrated definition of Skewed Data: When data has a long tail on one side or the other , so it is not symmetrical.

What causes skew in statistical terms?

Some Causes for Skewed Data. Skewed data often occur due to lower or upper bounds on the data. That is, data that have a lower bound are often skewed right while data that have an upper bound are often skewed left. Skewness can also result from start-up effects.

What do we mean by skewness?

In probability theory and statistics, skewness is a measure of the asymmetry of the probability distribution of a real -valued random variable about its mean. The skewness value can be positive, zero, negative, or undefined.