What is a Parapatellar approach?

What is a Parapatellar approach?

The lateral parapatellar approach provides a good view of the articular surface of the distal femur. With a longitudinal division of the quadriceps tendon and extensor mechanism, the patella can be dislocated medially.

What is a medial Parapatellar incision?

Skin incision Make a longitudinal, slightly oblique, medial parapatellar incision along a line starting 5 cm above the superior pole of the patella to the tibial tubercle. Flaps should not be raised so as to avoid damage to skin blood supply.

How do you perform an arthrotomy knee?


  1. divide subcutaneous tissues below skin incision.
  2. deepen dissection between the vastus medialis and quadriceps tendon.
  3. develop medial skin flap to expose the quadriceps tendon, medial border of the patella, and medial border of the patellar tendon.
  4. perform medial parapatellar arthrotomy.

What is Subvastus approach?

The subvastus approach (Fig. 1, Right) is a truly “quadriceps-sparing” surgical technique. The entire quadriceps muscle is left intact. As you would expect, patients who have a total or partial knee replacement with the subvastus approach have less pain, better muscle control and overall faster recovery.

What is arthrotomy knee?

An arthrotomy is a surgical exploration of a joint, which should include inspection of the cartilage, intra-articular structures, joint capsule, and ligaments.

What is a Parapatellar arthrotomy?

Parapatellar (ie, medial parapatellar, midvastus, subvastus, or lateral) arthrotomy is performed to access knee joint and perform arthroplasty. Other options for the arthrotomy include the midvastus, subvastus, and lateral approaches.

What is patellar eversion?

Patella eversion is a useful method to improve access during total knee replacement. 1. However, it is often difficult to carry out due to the force needed to overcome the extensor mechanism and due to fat-pad scarring from previous surgery.

What is a knee arthrotomy?

Is arthrotomy an open procedure?

Arthrotomy is a traditional open surgery in which the doctor has a full view of the elbow joint. During the elbow arthrotomy procedure, the patient is sedated under general anesthesia and the surgeon makes an incision over the elbow and examines the joint.

How is arthrotomy done?

What is a knee washout?

An arthroscopic knee washout involves flushing the joint with fluid, which is introduced through small incisions in the knee. The procedure is often done with debridement, which is the removal of loose debris around the joint.

What is a traumatic arthrotomy?

Traumatic Arthrotomy (forums.mtbr.com) Definition: a deep laceration that extends into the joint capsule, exposing the intra-articular surface to the environment. A laceration into the joint exposes the normally sterile intra-articular contents to external contamination.

When do you use the medial parapatellar approach?

Usage of medial parapatellar approach This approach is used for medial femoral condylar fractures. In addition, it may be used in retrograde nailing of intra articular fractures. Prophylactic antibiotics Antibiotics are administered

When did von Langenbeck describe the medial parapatellar approach?

1 The Medial Parapatellar Approach to the Knee. The medial parapatellar approach to the knee was first described by von Langenbeck in 1879. It is now often referred to as the “midline” approach, reflecting a modern modification placing the skin incision in the midline rather than medial to the patella.

When to use lateral parapatellar approach in knee arthroplasty?

(OBQ10.172) During a total knee arthroplasty using a standard medial parapatellar approach, if a lateral parapatellar release is required, special attention should be made to preserve which of the following arteries?

Which is the medical term for inflammation of the prepatellar?

Bursitis is characterized by inflammation of the subacromial, olecranon, trochanteric, prepatellar, suprapatellar, infrapatellar, pes anserine, or iliotibial bursa–synovial-lined cavities overlying bony prominences that minimize the friction of movement. Did too much Wii cause your patient’s injury?