What is a resource-based community?

What is a resource-based community?

Resource-based communities (RBCs), also referred to as resource-dependent communities or single-industry communities, are dynamic places where the interface between the natural environment and society is pronounced due to the dependence on a predominant single economic base.

What are the resources of a city?

They are places where people come together, work, trade, produce, enjoy social interaction, study and innovate. Like living organisms, cities require considerable flows and stocks of resources (such as energy, fuel, metal, wood, water, food, materials for buildings and infrastructure and land).

What resources were found in the New World?

North America is a leading producer of coal, used in energy production; bauxite, used to create aluminum; iron and copper, both used in construction; and nickel, used to create steel, which North American companies export around the world. Gold and silver mines operate in the western part of the continent.

What natural resource did the Europeans seek?

What natural resource did the Europeans seek? Raw materials like rubber, timber, diamonds, and gold were found in Africa. Europeans also wanted to protect trade routes. During the 1800s, Europeans moved further into the continent in search of raw materials and places to build successful colonies.

What are community resources give example?

The resources which are accessible to all the members of the community are known as community resources. Village ponds, public parks, playgrounds, etc. are some examples of community resources.

Why are community based resources important?

Community Resources are assets in a community that help meet certain needs for those around them. These resources can be essential in developing skills post-discharge by helping the client diversify their range of outlets of support, expression and natural self-development.

What are efficient cities?

ESMAP’s Energy Efficient Cities supports cities move to an energy efficient and sustainable pathway through the establishment of enabling environments, the development of workable and scalable implementation models, and the elaboration of investment-ready energy efficiency projects.

What are the natural resources in urban community?

Trees, parks, greenways, river and lake fronts, and yard trees are all considered urban natural resources, and in addition to making cities and communities more livable, they also reduce building energy use and atmospheric carbon dioxide, improve air and water quality, mitigate rainfall runoff and flooding, lower noise …

What is the most important natural resources?

Along with air, without which man cannot survive for more than a few minutes, water is one of our most essential natural resources. Without replenishing his internal supply of water, man cannot survive for more than about a week.

Why did Europe want raw materials from Africa?

Why did European nations want raw materials from Africa? During the Industrial Revolution, Europeans needed materials such as coal and metals to manufacture goods. These needs fueled Europeans’ desire for land with plentiful natural resources—resources that were available in Africa.

What is wrong with colonialism?

It argues that the wrong of colonialism consists in the creation and upholding of a political association that denies its members equal and reciprocal terms of cooperation. To see the nature of that wrong, no commitment to either nationalism or territorial rights is needed.