What is a serial number on a trumpet?

What is a serial number on a trumpet?

Serial numbers on trombones normally appear on the body near the slide receiver (arrow) or on the slide receiver or mouthpiece receiver (circled). On a trumpet, look on either side of the center valve for the serial number.

Does Conn still make trumpets?

The Conn 52BSP is one of the most versatile trumpets available today.

How do I identify my trumpet brand?

The first place I would check is the top of the bell. That’s the standard spot to engrave a brand and/or model. Another common place is on the mouthpiece receiver, where you plug the mouthpiece into the leadpipe. One of those should have some sort of name on it.

How do I identify my clarinet?

Examine the side of the upper body of the clarinet to find the long, thin key just above the only hole located on the back of the instrument. This is the register key. Beside the top of the register key should be a marking that Buffet uses to identify the model of the clarinet.

Are Conn trumpets good?

Conn 22B’s are good trumpets, but they are fairly common. I wouldn’t plan on selling it and retiring if I were you, as my estimate is that the trumpet will not gain too much value anytime within the next few decades. For one in good condition like yours, consider 500 dollars the max you’ll ever get.

Are Conn Selmer saxophones good?

Conn-Selmer saxophones feature good design, excellent build quality and proven reliability across the range This ‘Avant’ ATS180S is the entry level…

How much is a saxophone worth?

Beginner saxophones usually range in cost from $800 to $2,700. Intermediate, or step-up saxophones usually range in cost $2,000 to $3,000 and entry level pro saxophones (still largely played by advanced students) around $3,000 and up.

What was the first saxophone ever made?

Adolphe Sax
Saxhorn. Saxhorn, any of a family of brass wind instruments patented by the Belgian instrument-maker Antoine-Joseph Sax, known as Adolphe Sax, in Paris in 1845.

What model trumpet do I have?

If the leadpipe enters the third valve, furthest from the player, then it is a trumpet. If it has a brass bell, it is a model 14B trumpet, if it has a coprion bell then it is a model 18B trumpet.

How big is the bore on a Selmer trumpet?

Large-bore Selmer Radial Bb trumpet S/N 50,6xx is marked B and 99 on the side of the leadpipe. The bore measures 0.470″ Selmer Radial Bb trumpet S/N 54,9xx is marked 75 and B on the leadpipe and measures 0.464″. One owner writes: Selmer produced horns in batches of 33, with valve numbers running consecutively 1-99.

What are the serial numbers on a trumpet?

Trumpet Serial Number Year Manufactured 251 1931 265 1932 571 1933 785 1934

Where did the Selmer Paris central trumpet come from?

S/N 25,0xx K-Modified was purchased new in Philadelphia at Knecht Music in late 1963 S/N 27,3xx was reportedly purchased new in 1962. S/N 27,2xx was purchased new from the factory in Paris in April 1963. S/N 32,3xx was purchased new in 1964.

Who was the clarinetist with Henri Selmer?

In 1904 Henri joined with his brother Alexandre to form H. & A. Selmer. Alexandre was an accomplished clarinetist and was able to help Henri while a clarinetist with the Boston Symphony. Henri died in 1941; Alexandre in 1951. At about 1918, George Bundy retained the rights to American distribution.